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Undoubtedly, Lego is an indispensable tool for entertaining and educating children; but these colorful little pieces are indispensable for many adults too. When you think of an adult therapy session, block play might not be the first hobby that comes to mind, but this article might change your mind. It can’t be a coincidence that the world famous LEGO brand offers separate sets for both kids and adults, right! Clearly, demand is high. According to the research behind this growing demand, Lego is a strong advocate for a good and happy life and holistic health; The little-known enemy of stress.

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According to the LEGO Group Play Well Report 2022, 93% of adults experience stress regularly, and 86% say play helps them relax. Adult gamers are also reported to view Lego as a form of stress management tool. Whether you’re an adult rekindling your childhood passion, or just love discovering the fun of creating and building from scratch, you’ll find there are plenty of reasons to play with blocks. Here are some of those reasons:

Increases your happiness

Many studies show that games help increase dopamine, which is known as one of the happiness hormones. so playing with Lego has a similar effect. However, in addition to the classic games, Lego further enhances the joy. By unlocking the magic of creating and achieving success beyond simply spending time playing, Lego evokes happiness in many ways. Plus, according to the Lego Play Well 2018 report, it also helps families build healthier relationships and strengthen bonds. As you can see, there are many reasons to get your kids into Lego play next time… But if you need more inspiration to play with bricks, you can also read Make Yourself Happy: The Joy of LEGO by renowned author Abby Headon. . The book is full of anecdotes and practices to help you build your happiness with blocks. Become a child again, life-changing Lego magic In addition to tips to help you become happier, you can also find practical information to help you better store, sort and use Lego pieces.

Helps you stay in the moment

Being in the moment in the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be one of the hardest things to do. Immersion in the magical world of Lego can serve as an effective mindfulness tool. Thinking about the color, size and shape of every little piece you pick up; You will be able to focus all your attention on this to stay in the moment while you focus on which parts should be connected and how, and try to hear that “click” to make sure you are connecting the parts correctly.

Supports Your Brain Health

While most adults only focus on having fun and building things, playing with blocks has a positive effect on many aspects of our health, whether we realize it or not. Many scientific studies reveal the role of keeping the brain active and engaging the mind in problem-solving activities in preventing brain damage. So Lego, which requires the simultaneous establishment of part-whole relationships, strategic thinking, and problem-solving thinking while fueling creativity and encouraging the mind to stay in the moment, is also an effective tool for protecting brain health. Also, by spending time with blocks, you focus your attention so you have more control over the details and activate your short-term memory to make connections between the previous step and the next step. In short, you will be able to focus on creating a work of art from colored pieces, actively using many parts of your brain …

It boosts your self-confidence

The feeling of accomplishment when assembling Lego pieces turns into success when the pieces are assembled. Because you are in the feeling of victory that comes from completing a task. When you think about this feeling, you can guess that your self-confidence will start to grow. If you’re looking for motivating and fun ways to boost your self-confidence and encourage yourself to complete a task, a lego set might be just what you need… If you haven’t already, it’s never too late to start your own collection and improve your life and health throughout your life. many ways!

Offers deep relaxation

Psychotherapist Melissa Lapides says blocks are effective in reducing stress and anxiety and provide deep relaxation and relaxation. Lapides says that just like painting or crafting, playing with Lego has a calming and relaxing effect. “When you focus on creating something, you direct your mind to what you are creating. This leaves no room for unwanted thoughts to enter your brain.” By putting your mind into a meditative state, Lego can be an effective solution for you to get rid of unwanted thoughts and relax deeply.

You can relax to the sounds of Lego

So we come to the lego development you probably haven’t heard of yet! If the aspects we’ve mentioned so far haven’t made Lego appealing to you, perhaps Lego sounds can be. Translated into Turkish as white noise, white noise is generally preferred by parents to ease the transition of babies to sleep, but many adults may also need such sounds for relaxation. And knowing this, the Lego brand offers us a playlist of Lego sounds: LEGO White Noise. Optionally, you can access the listing on Spotify or click to listen immediately. You may not do it, but listening to this makes you relax, who knows 😊.

Bonus: Allows you to challenge yourself

Did you know that many people started collecting after discovering Lego? Or that they created huge life-size objects from these small pieces? In fact, they even built a house entirely out of Lego? Moreover, they managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records? It’s good to know that there are plenty of inspiring examples for lego lovers breaking records from world famous lego collectors. Who knows, maybe they will help you release a deep hidden passion… Even if your passion is not construction related, you can discover your true passion as you can take your mind off disturbing thoughts by playing with them. The meditative effect of playing with Lego can allow you to discover a completely different side of yourself and challenge yourself.

Have you seen the world’s first life-size Lego house, built by world-famous TV presenter James May from exactly 3.3 million Legos? Rooms, windows, and even a Lego bed or sink… Yes, this is a real house, although it seems fake… And yes, it’s all made of blocks! He even has a book about it: James May’s Lego House. Inspired by this book, in which Mei explains how she designed this life-sized Lego house that was her childhood dream and how she worked with her team, you can discover a side of yourself that will challenge you while playing with Lego; maybe you have a childhood dream that you forgot… If you want to see James May’s house, which is completely made of Lego, you can also watch the video below:

If you want to discover new hobbies, challenge yourself and have fun, opening yourself up to legendary results that you never even dreamed of before, you can enter the lego world right now.

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