Generational Behavior Behind Your Experience


Behind the injustice you suffer today may be the injustice of past generations. In our culture, very relative topics are rights, legal issues… What is right is different for everyone. However; if there are invisible scales of justice, maybe it’s the weighing of what’s going on, what’s going on, as well as intent… i’m right, you’re wrong then he runs away, the end of the rope and the relationship is torn. Family ties are almost on the verge of breaking.

In this geography, especially in societies dominated by a patriarchal family structure, girls are often neglected for unknown reasons and their legal rights may be taken away from them in some way.
my goal; Raise awareness that chain behavior that has been going on for generations may be the cause of what you are experiencing today. Consequently; Let me give you an example from real history.

If the spouses cannot come to an agreement and decide to part, a fight begins for the division of property … Meanwhile, smuggling of property may also take place. In the old days, a father who wants to leave his second wife, with whom he cannot get along, transfers his property mainly to his eldest son, with a warning to his younger son. Meanwhile, a little boy is buying shares. However; Meanwhile, the sisters are forgotten by their fathers, brothers and sisters. From time to time the father divorces, without giving property to his second wife, but deprives his daughters of even the property left by their mothers. How? Because his eldest son transfers the goods he bought to his own children. The sisters, who found out much later, could not do anything with the inheritance of their mother and father, since it was expiring. He divided the patriarchal system among the sons, who were seen as continuing the line so that the daughters would not be left behind. In the past, in the coastal regions of our country, it was given to girls, and the mountains and plains to boys, because the coasts were considered useless.

I don’t know what consciousness was then, but when I heard this story, my heart sank. Unfortunately, we can still see the consciousness that puts girls in the background. We can also be witnesses to the fact that there is a double standard between son and daughter. Shortly speaking; If you are experiencing a vicious circle today, if you do not find a logical explanation for some of your experiences and the same things are constantly repeated in your life … If there is a theme of injustice; If you’re not getting exactly what you deserve, it may have taken root much earlier. Of course, it is valuable to be able to finally say goodbye …
He must be allowed to place the responsibility for violations and injustices, if any, on the perpetrator and live his own life as the next generation.

Yunus Emre said the most beautiful: “Owner, owner, first owner of this. Property is a lie, property is a lie, there is not much time left for you.”

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