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When was the last time you went through a day without checking notifications on your phone or checking your social media accounts? Or just a few hours? Admittedly, more and more people are connecting to our phones; we find it difficult to disconnect from online channels and even have face-to-face meetings. When we get together with friends, instead of chatting, we get lost among the notifications on our phones; Instead of focusing on what the other person is talking about, we can spend time on our social media accounts with endless scrolling. According to 2022 statistics, people check their phones an average of 58 times a day; 1 in every 5 smartphone users spend at least 4.5 hours a day on their phone. Moreover, 64% of people admit that they are addicted to their phones. Moreover, all these conditions are quite common not only in adults, but also in children and adolescents. According to surveys, 3/4 of Gen Zers say they spend too much time on their smartphones. In other words, smartphones seem to have taken almost all the time of people of all ages.

This attachment to our phones negatively affects our lives in many ways, even if we don’t realize it most of the time: we get distracted much more easily, we find it hard to stay in the moment, we can’t focus on what the other person is saying. we can’t even enjoy what we eat because our focus is on our phone. In short, our relationships with ourselves and others can be ruined by our phones. A group of young people who realized how negatively smartphones affect life founded the Luddite Club.

source: nytimes

Luddite Club, which has become very popular in recent days and has been the subject of world-famous news sources, is a club founded by young people from New York whose mission is to spend time without smartphones. So what are the young people doing in this club? At the Luddite Club, young people spend time together without smartphones; they get together, they turn off their phones, they become kind of offline. They read books, paint with watercolors, meditate, communicate… In a word, they spend time without hanging out on social networks and without getting into the maelstrom of endless notifications.

Called Luddites, inspired by folkloric English textile worker Ned Ludd, who lived in England in the 18th century, shunned technology and protested industrialization in his own way, these young people say they were out of touch with real life, especially during the peak period. pandemic, and that they were able to rebuild their social ties through this movement. In addition, these young people, who said they realized how frustrated their families are because they spend too much time on their phones, said they could get together and do more creative and enjoyable work.they start using their brains again‘ they speak.

The youth of the Luddite Club, who stash their smartphones out of reach or use old-fashioned flip phones when they get together, spend their time much as they did when they were younger. They communicate with each other, develop their hobbies, engage in creativity and do not care what happens on their phones. Is not that great?

So what is this club good for? According to many experts in the field, these young people not only stir up nostalgia with their dumb flip phones, but also point out how much screen addiction pushes people away from each other. Moreover, experts emphasize that due to this club movement, young people in the club are less at risk of depression by strengthening their social ties. In contrast, young people who have joined the club say they are freed from the endless pressure of social media and the obsession to check their phones at any time, moreover, they feel much freer. Undoubtedly, these young people who have changed their social media habits can inspire a lot, thereby spending more time usefully and protecting their mental health. Let’s see in what other countries the Luddite Club will start accepting young people…

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