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For pre-summer firmness and smoothness: the L’Occitane Artichoke body care range


Summer is on the doorstep! Soon we will start spending a lot of time in the sun and having fun. We will discover new places and enjoy our time on the beach. With the onset of heat, we have already begun to imagine ourselves lighter in flying dresses, bikinis and swimsuits. After all, summer is getting rid of excess in every sense! If you want that feeling of lightness that comes with summer to be reflected on your body; Consider making a few simple changes to your diet, exercise, and of course, your skincare. In addition, now is the time to take care of your body to feel good in the summer season! first rule; Adopting a more active lifestyle, combined with a regular and balanced diet, can make a huge difference to your body. Plus, skin care for the lift and smoothness your body needs before summer can also help you achieve the look you dream of.

Take care of your body from the inside

Before the summer, you should take care of your body from the inside in order to give it the necessary elasticity and smoothness! What do we mean? As you know, a sedentary lifestyle, irregular nutrition and hormonal changes slow down blood circulation, which causes a feeling of heaviness and swelling in the legs, loss of elasticity and the appearance of an orange peel. Accordingly, by the end of the day, we begin to lose the lightness that we feel in the morning. It also affects capillary circulation. As a result, an undesirable kind of orange peel settles on the legs, and the body loses its elasticity. Here, in addition to the internal care that you will perform to meet all these body needs, you can provide holistic care for your body using sports and the right body care products.

Discover the effect of natural ingredients in body care

When it comes to body care, we all want what is good for our body. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through the use of herbal products. As you know, people have been using plants for skin beauty for hundreds of years. In fact, the source of care materials claimed to be effective for skin beauty today are usually plants derived from nature.

For example, the artichoke… To use this detoxifying superfood, cosmetics pay more attention to its leaves. According to research, artichokes are just great for stimulating microcirculation. Artichoke extract starts the work of capillaries, increases skin elasticity by 2 times, reduces the permeability of fat cells by 60 percent. So, the action of artichokes is almost miraculous!

Discover the L’Occitane Artichoke body care range, featuring the wonder of the artichoke!

Don’t forget about healthy habits like regular exercise, healthy eating, and drinking enough water to get the body you dream of this summer. And, of course, the regular use of L’Occitane’s Artichoke range!

Inspired by the legends and recipes of local doctors, L’Occitane has developed the Artichoke Peeling and Massage Cream, based on the detoxification, cleansing and brightening of the body with the juice of cooked artichoke. We can say that this new series of artichokes, which will become legendary for the appearance of edema and orange peel on the body, is a kind of gift for the summer of 2023. So much so that the Artichoke peeling and massage cream, which L’Occitane is very insistent about, shows its effect in just 28 days according to user reviews and transforms legs!

L’Occitane Artichoke Massage Cream is applied with a gentle massage that stimulates microcirculation after the shower and a moisturizing peeling, and thus begins the process of elasticity and tightening, where you can quickly see the effects. With regular use of L’Occitane’s Artichoke range, you can easily achieve smooth skin while providing comprehensive care for your body.

At this point, it would be helpful to include the following statement by the L’Occitane researchers: “For those seeking the secret to holistic beauty, our new Artichoke Body Care Collection offers body care that can redefine itself beyond the visible.”

How to use L’Occitane Artichoke body care products?

So, how do you use L’Occitane Artichoke body care products that both support nature and provide unique care to prepare your body for summer? Here are 2 effective steps:

Step 1: Artichoke Body Scrub*

Warm up and activate.

Apply the Artichoke Body Scrub to dry feet and feel the stinging effect as you apply. With regular use along with massage, microcirculation is restored, and body lines are updated; reduce swelling, swelling and the appearance of orange peel on the body! (* 99% biodegradable components)

Step 2: Artichoke Massage Cream*

Renewal and tightening

With regular use of massage cream with artichoke extract, your skin will be intensely hydrated, tightened and nourished! Let the swollen due to edema of the legs relax and brighten. When you use Artichoke* Massage Cream with Gua Sha, it helps regulate capillary circulation. Gua Sha enhances the effectiveness of the cream. 100 percent* of users reported that leg swelling was reduced and skin tightened within a month of using the product. (* 99% biodegradable ingredients. ** Based on 31 user satisfaction testing using Gua sha massager and Artichoke massage cream)

If you want to take advantage of these wonderful properties of the artichoke and prepare your body for summer, click here to experience L’Occitane!

* This article was prepared with the assistance of L’Occitane.

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