“First for everyone, then for me”


Everything in life is political. Our relationship, our business is based on politics.
it’s not my job We cannot step aside. We cannot hide our “political” views and attitudes, so as not to become a target and lose subjects. Because politics is what determines how we pass the strings of our life to another.
It is the result of how we give our freedom, where and by contract.

This is our responsibility to the whole of which we are a part.
Not being interested in politics means avoiding one’s own responsibility, self-government.
Everything is political.
Think about how you express your opinions, your family hierarchy, your relationships at work, what you eat and drink…

If you have an idea, take responsibility for it.
Responsibility for what you say and what you do.
Otherwise, what you call freedom is food that others put on your plate for as long as they deserve.
What you call freedom is to be content with the moment when you say “at least” in your bondage, but the result does not change. A slave is a slave.

Everyone is responsible for their own work.
Everyone is responsible for management.
Everyone is responsible for the right.
Each is responsible for the other.
The opposite is not life, but single cells.

A mind that does not care about the other does not become a conscience that does not care about the other. We are responsible enough to protect ourselves from others.
Mostly on my own…

For this reason “first for everyone, then for me“People need to speak.
Selfishness should not be confused with selfishness.

This internal order is also political.
The foreign policy of those who are not interested in domestic politics will naturally be a cacophony.

We have to.
Not to be martyrs, so that others can learn, not to give martyrs, so that you can learn, to make our domestic politics sound and to bring foreign politics under our dominion.
Otherwise this earth, this existence will be wasted.
We have come to the last point that adolescent consciousness can lead to. It’s time to pass through the gates of adulthood. To resist more, to run away more, is nothing but a betrayal of one’s own existence.
We have to develop, learn, become our own masters.
We need independence.
To take responsibility is independence, freedom.
We owe freedom.
Because freedom is the ultimate goal.
Our journey and our contemplation is here.
But free hearts walk in love, they walk in love.
Others always need…

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