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Festival trends for summer 2023


World-famous music festivals, indispensable in the summer season, undoubtedly shape the summer fashion. Although the most important festivals are behind us, our passion for festival style continues at full speed! As you’ve probably noticed, what people wear to music festivals has changed a lot over the years. Now anyone who feels comfortable in what suits their style can keep up with the festival fashion, drawing inspiration from it. Of course, you will see some trends when it comes to holiday style, but this year too, there is more emphasis on individuality and clothing in one’s own style. In fact, the main items of the festival fashion mainly reflect the trends of spring 2023: knitted trousers, knitted dresses, corset tops… The list goes on. Need more? Before you go shopping, check out all the cool festival trends that can inspire you to keep up with summer fashion.

1. Crochet suits

One of the brightest among the festival combinations are crocheted costumes. This look has attracted a lot of attention, especially in the spring, and will continue to be a trend throughout the summer. We are actually very happy with this trend, crochet clothes are so versatile. You can look cool with a crochet midi suit or more sporty with skinny shorts and a cropped suit.

2. Knit dresses

Another favorite festival trend is dresses made of mesh or knitwear. We often see such dresses, especially on the beaches. If you wish, you can pair it with a creamy knitted dress for a perfect beach look, or opt for something more sparkly, such as a black knitted dress embellished with faux stones.

3. The charm of the 70s

We’ve all been seeing the return of Y2K style, also known as 2000 fashion, for some time now. But this summer, get ready to go back several decades; that is, until the 70s! In the first week of Coachella, we saw a lot of big names in wide leg pants, embroidered belts and knitted tops. Choose one 70s piece for a trend-inspired holiday look, or mix and match for a vintage-inspired look.

4. Clothes with fringe

Another 70s trend that pops up almost every holiday season is fringe, which we see on jackets, skirts, shorts, and even bags. Fringed pieces can give your look a pretty fun look, especially when you’re dancing to your favorite artist’s songs. You can also opt for fringe on one of the items, such as a jacket, skirt, shorts, or bag, to create a trendy combination.

5. Denim suits

You can’t get a dated look with any pair of jeans. Taking advantage of this guarantee is one of this year’s festival trends. In other words, it’s like wearing a denim shirt over denim shorts and a denim jacket over it; You can choose all the details on you from one material. Thus, you will have a comfortable and fashionable look.

6. Metallic colors

An underrated way to stand out from the crowd is to collect metal parts with rhinestones, sequins! In other words, if you want to be a real holiday girl, get inspired by a disco ball!

7. Corset Tops

The corsets often found in festival combinations this year are nothing like the corsets of great-great-great-grandmothers of the Victorian era. The 2023 festival season is more romantic than satin and velvet; we are talking about corset tops with buckles and straps inspired by the extraordinary nightlife. If you like a slightly assertive look, we advise you to try this trend of the season, do not miss the opportunity!

8. Ultra low waist jeans

While millennials still wake up sweaty from the nightmares of wearing low-waisted jeans; The 2023 festival season continues to inspire streetwear with ultra low waist jeans. The only difference is that these pieces are looser than the low waisted jeans of the past. This actually means that this trend is extremely convenient. The frayed embroidered details on the low-waisted jeans are very reminiscent of the 90s.

9. Transparent dresses in pastel colors

Another trendy take on the festival season is transparent; that is, dresses that show the skin. These maxi dresses are especially expressive in colors such as pale blue and pink. For a more fashionable look, wear shorts, bustiers, or bodysuits underneath this sheer top.

10. Cowboy boots

We’re back on the Y2K trend with one of the festival trends, cowboy boots. Favored by many celebrities, this wardrobe essential can spice up a casual look or spice up a festive outfit.

11. Barbicor Style

One of the most beloved festival looks of the year is the Barbiecore style. This trend is to choose all your tops in hot pink. Incorporate lots of vibrant pink into the style you choose to create your own unique look, or make sure at least one part of you is in that color.

12. Style 2000

We said that the views of the 2000s are back on top. If you want to create a combo inspired by the 2023 festival trends, don’t be afraid to pair a cropped tee with cargo pants! Creating an image of the 2000s has never been so easy!

13. Neon colors

Another festival trend for 2023 is neon colors. Especially if metallic colors aren’t for you, you can wear neon head to toe. So your friends can easily find you even at a crowded festival. 🙂

14. Leather suits

As with denim suits, you can create a look that dominates the fashion trends of the festival by choosing all the leather details. If even the thought of leather clothing makes you sweat in the summer, two-piece suits made from durable leather-like fabric can help.

15. Bikini top

Here is the lightest, airy trend of summer and festival fashion! Wear a black bikini top over jeans and complete the look with a distressed white shirt! You are ready.

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