Fascinating painting exhibition by Andreas Georgiadis: Come back


In this article, I will introduce you to a very significant exhibition; Personal exhibition of Andreas Georgiadis… As soon as you step into the exhibition, you feel the need to stop, as if you are entering another world. When you approach the wall where the paintings are hanging, the first thing that greets you is a poem:

Come again, always come, hold me, you are the most beautiful of feelings,
go get me
the memory of the body when it comes to life
while the old longing bleeds again
skin and lips remember
hands seem to be touching again.
Come again, always come grab me
When the night skin and lips remember.

A poem by Konstantinos Cavafy, who created a unique language of poetry in modern Greek literature, almost welcomes you inside, written in 3 different languages ​​(Turkish/Greek/English).

Source: Instagram @georgiadisandreas

The journey of your soul that begins with a poem, when your gaze stops at the picture next to it, you move into another dimension and almost what you read comes to life. You see that the poem is drawn, and this is where the dance of the poem and the picture begins. The intermingling of painting and poetry between the magical brush strokes of George Andreas is almost like a tribute. It’s like a flirtation between art and literature. With the brushes of Andreas Georgiadis, he takes us to Alexandria, as if in the footsteps of Cavafy.

After all, the path of the poet from Alexandria ran through Istanbul, where his father once lived. He never stopped writing poetry in his 70s. For these reasons, it is very significant that the Greek artist Andreas Georgiadis brought us Cavafy and his Alexandria almost a century after his departure from this world. Like everything that has a history…

Cavafy wrote the plots in his poems under the influence of the plots of the ancient Greek and Hellenistic periods. The poet who turns history into poetry knows antiquity very well and therefore makes the best use of his historical knowledge in his poems. The heroes of his poems are reflections of famous real personalities. The content of Cavafy’s poetry can be divided into three categories. These are respectively: historical, philosophical and love poems. Therefore, what you will find in this exhibition is not only painting, but also many works that contain the Hellenistic period, fit philosophy, smell of history and smell of love.

Yes, friends, Istanbul Concept Gallery has opened an exhibition “Come Back”, dedicated to the poet Konstantinos Cavafy (CP Cavafy) by the Greek artist Andreas Georgiadis.

The exhibition, in which all of Andreas Georgiadis’ works are done in ink on paper with references to Cavafy’s universe, has already taken its name from the poet Konstantinos Cavafy’s poem “Come Back”. The works in the exhibition attempt to establish a dialogue with the leading figures in Cavafy’s work, as well as with the poet and his life. Georgiadis creates a rich, often metaphysical light with translucent and tonal gradations in a highly individual style; This allows a thick and solid shadow to pierce the calm waters of his artistic adventure, breaking this adventure with symbolism and ambiguity. The spaces and paths of Cavafy’s life create a geography of memories, where absence and suggestion create a poetic atmosphere and metaphorical symbolism, offering different interpretations of the same stories.

You can visit the exhibition of Andreas Georgiadis titled “Back / Come Back” at Istanbul Concept Gallery from 12.30 to 19.00 every day except Monday until February 12th. I say don’t miss it.

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