Farewell to 2022: You can grow up without getting old


Like every year, I look back to the end of the year… When I look back, I realize that the seeds I planted germinate and grow into branches. The seeds that I threw into the ground 2 years ago have begun to sprout and set me free. In recent years as I have been running without knowing where I am going, I have become more and more aware as I delve deeper into yoga that I am now taking firm steps in 2022. Yoga began this year with my physical body and nourished my consciousness, perspective and soul.

Since I started doing yoga, I have spent years during which my attempts to express myself came to an end. Yes, a lot of water has flown under the bridge on this road, but it was a year in which I received those who came and went no matter what, on the road where I was always proud of myself. When I look back, that was the year I truly experienced my pain and happiness, spent the most time on my own, learned to trust life, accepted and transformed.

Now more than a future-past concept what i need right now I asked the question the most and I’m glad I did. I feel the presence of this girl inside me, but as I grow with her, I feel like I am getting smaller.

Last year I gave myself a lot of things; I have a yoga area where I spend time alone with myself, I got tattoos on my body for the first time, I wrote articles for magazines, I took care of myself, trying a vegan-vegetarian-satwic diet, I exercised, I did a lot of workouts, I did yoga for the first time with my face , I had many students in person and online, I have few yogis with yoga training for children, I took a vacation in my favorite place, spent more time in nature, spent a hundred days without sugar, and before the end of the year I met my last miracle, a workshop, and started teaching. I have experienced many realizations and transformations that I cannot count. But most of all I learned to trust life. Was it easy? Yes, I was very tired, I cried, I felt bad, but I was always there and held my hand. Whatever came my way, I was always myself in all obstacles and freely continued on my way. Even if the child in me does not grow, I grow. It’s amazing to be able to grow without getting old, it makes you more visionary, more aware. I think our enthusiasm for living and learning makes us grow old.

Using the language of love, without judging, without blaming, at least thinking twice before speaking, without breaking your heart if possible, makes your life beautiful and sets you free. If you have goals, you can always go further, if you act with your ambitions, you can turn into an insoluble tangle, you always fight in the same place and slowly run out of steam.

In the new year, I wish everyone to surround themselves with miracles, joy, health and compassion…

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