Factors affecting the psychological stability of the family


The family, seen as a functional union, has the potential to withstand difficulties and the strength to recover from difficulties. psychological health of the family expressed as. And this phenomenon is connected with the family system. Relational reliability or stability is also noticeable in this system. Especially after difficult experiences, family ties are strengthened, and relationships become more qualitative with an increase in emotional exchange. The psychological strength of the family, which is seen as a source of stability in the well-being and continuity of the system, also reveals the healthy function of the family in adapting to changing living conditions.

Under the influence of positive psychological ideas, this process does not focus on weak, dysfunctional factors. family functionalityIt aims to use the strengths of the family as a positive driving force, emphasizing what they are. Family relationships evolve into a much healthier dynamic with a perspective that emphasizes and feeds on positive aspects rather than abnormal processes. On the other hand, such a perspective also creates protective and warning grounds for anomalous formations. Here the psychological stability of the family structure is especially clearly manifested. communication, connectivity and flexibility factors such as

While the reality of family members’ expectations of each other, networks in which safe environments can easily express emotions affect communication patterns, there is another effect. flexibility provided with. How difficulties are overcome and how emotions are clothed is directly related to how flexible a family can be. In fact, the basis of the health and well-being of the family is hidden here. In this context, shared creation of common meanings, faith, hope and optimism By making difficult life events livable, it also makes us more meaningful. And what we most want in a family that develops on a mutually supportive basis is cooperation. So he connects trust, respect, desire for the well-being of another and making efforts for this, the ability to listen to each other It achieves unshakable unity with elements such as

It can be considered as indicators of psychological stability in the family; Ability to skillfully manage conflicts with the ability to meet and resolve problems also plays an important role in this matter. The process, which we cannot express independently of family values, also ensures closer relationships between family members. This flow, which is equally effective in the formation of individual values, is directly related to the psychological strength of the family and forms the basis of the psychological strength of each of the family members.

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