Everything is temporary; you just take your share


Everything is temporary… Yes, I’m sure we all know this, but it’s not easy being open to surfing without struggling with the harsh waves of life, isn’t it? There are times when I rebel because I don’t want to know about it either! This is my humanity too, I love it very much, and I know that there are souls who are trapped in today’s so-called spiritual teachings that tell us that this rebellion is wrong. This article is written for them. Even if we don’t want to learn, life does its best to teach us what we need to learn! The irony is that; Everything that he does so that we learn, our troubles and our happiness is temporary … Everything is temporary …

The whole film is about discovering our humanity, and the end of the film is about letting go of what we have accumulated.

Life is not meant for us! Everything that happens to us and everything that we experience is part of a larger picture that our mind cannot comprehend. But our share is the willingness to live step by step… That’s all we can!

That’s why what happens to us Why Asking a question turns pain into suffering. Why me and not Ayse? Instead of living the pain to the fullest, trying to hide it makes the pain unbearable. Then we have the delusion that the world is against us. However, whatever we perceive, life reflects it back to us.

This question changes our whole perception: What does this situation want to teach me?

Now you can say why should i study If you don’t take your share, you won’t be able to get fruit from the trees.

Let me repeat: Life has nothing to do with us, and live by what lives there! The place we all occupy is priceless. We all have exams in this life, and these exams are never the same, like fingers on a hand. When you start comparing, you only increase the darkness and start creating diseases.

I’ve had minor but life-changing health issues over the past few weeks and trust me, they didn’t seem to go away in a few minutes. But to be honest, I’ve been through much more serious things. I faced something bigger, like death, but I was left alone with the question of whether it would be the same again in the face of a situation that may now be insignificant.

However, I learned it, didn’t I?

Whatever I live, no matter how much I know, I am naked in every new moment. Because every experience is temporary as it is fresh and we have no idea what will happen! And in every experience I learn impermanence again and again.

every moment is new
Brand new right now
And you have no idea!

Living is like building a sandcastle on the edge of strong waves! Can you build a sandcastle over and over again without fighting?
The training of each is determined by his own pocket.
Maybe you’re heading for a long journey
Maybe you are in the middle of a process that is causing you emotional pain,
Maybe you’re afraid
Maybe you’re about to lose your way
Maybe you are tired
Maybe you were abandoned
Maybe you left
Maybe you feel guilty
You cheated or you cheated
Maybe you are in a hospital corridor waiting.

I have news for you: You are not the first nor the last person to experience this! And here we experience the impermanence of our very humanity.

Don’t run away from impermanence, live it to the fullest!

It’s a crossroads where the protagonist of a movie can become a hero,
We came empty-handed and we will leave empty-handed!
What do we have?
What didn’t happen?
The whole point is; Isn’t it the ability to gracefully hold the palm open without squeezing it?

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