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Released on Netflix January 20, 2023 With the Shahmaran series However, the focus of attention again turned out to be a legend that had been walking through our lands for centuries. The series starring Serenay Sarikaya and Burak Deniz is still on the agenda because of its fantastic theme. For those who watch the series or are somehow aware of its subject matter, History of Sahmeran More interesting. So what about Is the Shahmaran story true?

Who is Shahmaran and where did he live?? Everything that you are interested in about Shahmaran is in our article.

Who is Shahmaran?

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Shahmaran or Shahmeran is a mythical creature that is distributed in different cultures in the Middle East, but is especially unique to the Eastern Anatolia region in our country. According to the legend, the upper half of Shahmaran is a woman and the lower half is a snake, and his story is based on the betrayal he suffered from the people.

considered to be protective Shahmaran legendcontinues to sound today. In many homes in Eastern Anatolia, one can still find the shahmaran symbol, which is believed to scare away evil.

History of Sahmeran

The name Shahmaran is of Persian origin and is a combination of the words “shah” and “maran”. Shah is a title used by Persian kings and maran means serpent. From this point of view, the word Shahmaran can be interpreted as “Queen of snakes”.

While the legend of Shahmaran varies across cultures, it can be said that its origins have become obscure over time. The main story is about a young man named Jemshab. This character is also known by other names such as Jansab, Jansab, depending on the version of the legend.

In some versions of this story, the city where Jemshab came from is called Mardin, which was an ancient Roman city in the past. Therefore, Shahmeran was adopted as a symbol of Mardin.

In any case, it is known that the young man came from a poor family and earned his living by collecting and selling firewood.

1. Sahmeran’s love for Dzhemshab

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To the history of Shakhmeran According to legend, one day Dzhemshab and his friends were gathering firewood in the forest and stumbled upon a cave (or, according to another version, a well) filled with honey. Dzhemshab is sent to a cave for honey.

After Jemshab collects honey, his friends for some reason leave it in the cave and return to their home. Realizing that his friends are gone, the young man falls into despair; On top of that, when he sees that there is only a small hole in the cave, he thinks he will die.

Then he begins to circle the hole with a knife. The hole gradually widens and eventually becomes large enough for Jemshab to pass through. Crawling through the hole, the young man finds himself in a huge void. He falls into a deep sleep where he is because he is exhausted at the end of his efforts.

When he wakes up, he realizes that he is surrounded by thousands of snakes. This shock was enough for him. The snakes are closely watching Dzhemshab. When he moves, they approach him.

Jemshab is very scared and naturally thinks that the snakes will kill him. Again great despair filled his heart. He closes his eyes and prepares to die. Although minutes passed, the snakes did not attack him. Realizing this, Jemshab again opens his eyes in surprise.

2. The real face of Shahmeran

A young woman stands in front of Jemshab, who bewitches him with her beauty: Shahmaran! Seeing Shahmaran, whose lower part of the body looks like a snake, the young man was speechless from amazement. Shahmaran soon recognizes him, tells Dzhemshab not to be afraid and assures him that neither he nor the snakes will harm him. Because the snakes ruled by Shahmeran are not ordinary snakes; They are intelligent, compassionate and peaceful snakes.

Shahmaran tells Jemshab that they will receive him in the best way, asks him to rest and leaves him alone to meet again the next day.

Amazed by what he heard and saw, Jemshab doesn’t know what to do with what happened and thinks he is dreaming. Eventually he gets tired again and falls asleep. When he wakes up the next morning, he finds himself in a large hall with a table full of all sorts of food.

Shahmaran lies on the table. Jemshab is now convinced that he did not have a dream last night. Shahmaran invited his guest to a feast and began to tell him stories from the history of mankind.

Again and again, Shakhmeran manages to impress Jemshab with his wisdom and they become lovers.

3. Departure of Dzhemshaba and the emergence of the underworld.

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Jemshab loves to spend time with Shahmaran in the underworld. However, after a while, despite all his happiness, he begins to miss his family and wants to return home. Although Shahmaran doesn’t want the man he loves to leave, he eventually agrees to it.

Before allowing Jemsab to leave the kingdom, he warns him not to tell anyone about what happened here. And he tells her that he took on some of the traits of snakes because he stayed here for a long time. For this reason, he warns him not to go to the bath, because when his skin comes into contact with water, his skin will peel off and his secret will be revealed.

Dzhemshab returns home, promising Shakhmeran that he will heed his warnings. He reunites with his family and spends several years with them. All is well until news arrives that the king of the city he lives in has contracted a mysterious illness. The royal doctors, who examined the king, said that the king could be cured only by eating shahmaran meat.

As a result, the king issues a decree to find throughout the city those who saw Shahmeran and those who went to his kingdom. The royal doctors and the vizier say that the only way to know that someone has gone to the realm of Shahmaran is to pour water on his skin. As Shahmeran Dzhemshabu said earlier, this makes the skin look scaly, which shows that the person has gone to the underworld.

The king orders all his subjects to go to the baths. Thus, the royal warriors watch people bathing in the baths. Dzhemshab tries to hide, but the soldiers somehow catch him and take him to the bathhouse. When the soldiers threw Dzhemshab into the water, scales appeared on his skin. The wanted person has been found. Dzhemshab is taken out of the water and brought before the king.

Although the young man does not at first explain where Shahmeran lives, as a result of the torture he endures, he has to tell the king everything he wants to know.

4. The betrayal that destroyed Shakhmeran

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Shortly after this event, the king sent his soldiers to the cave, took Shakhmeran prisoner and brought him to the palace. When Dzhemshab sees Shakhmeran, he is very ashamed and regrets what he has done.

Shahmeran, on the other hand, knows he can’t escape anymore, so he reveals the secret to the king and his companions. He tells them that whoever eats his tail will gain wisdom and longevity, and whoever eats his head will die… After this last message, he is killed and cut into three pieces.

The king who wants to be healed immediately eats a piece of Shahmeran’s tail. Jemshab, on the other hand, ate Shahmeran’s head because he did not want to continue his life. Surprisingly, however, the king falls to the ground and dies, and Dzhemshab was not injured (the reason for this is not clearly mentioned in the legend).

On top of all this Image of Shahmarangives some clues about this story. In many paintings depicting him, this mythical creature is depicted with two heads: a human head on the upper half of the body and a snake head on the tip of the tail. In this case, it can be interpreted that Shakhmeran’s human head is actually his tail, while the snake’s head is his real head.

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AND History of Sahmeranends with Jemshab leaving his home to wander alone. The young man became famous as a scientist because he got to know Shakhmeran. On the other hand, he lives the rest of his life with regret that he betrayed the woman he loved.

A question may arise here: What happens if the snakes find out that Shakhmeran is dead?

According to another version of Shahmaran’s story, the snakes under his rule knew about the betrayal of their queen and that she was killed by the king. That is why they have become sworn enemies of humanity. According to another version, Jemshab returns to the cave and allows the snakes to punish him. However, the story does not say anything about snakes punishing or forgiving Jemshab.

Now History of Shakhmeran you know… As we explained above, Shahmaran is considered a protective symbol today. While some people hang photos of Shahmeran on the walls of their houses, some wear decorations with his image.

Finally; WITHIs Akhmeran’s story true?we leave the interpretation to you … After all, in our culture, as well as Sahmeran’s love Like, there are hundreds of legendary stories …

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