Everyone in their own way, and where are you?


In our house, on Sunday mornings, the TV was not turned on. Immediately after breakfast, the doors of the hall opened, which was actually open only for guests. As if according to a ritual, they turn on the amplifier, check the player, take another record from a rich collection, after a short check, the record is placed on the player, as if putting a child to bed. When the needle reached the mark, my father sat in a chair and sipped his Sunday coffee with great joy on his face. At the time, my brother and I complained about this situation; many of our peers could have watched the animated series aired on Sunday mornings, we would have missed it. As if that wasn’t enough, my father also hosted a quiz:

“Who sings this piece that’s playing?” -Julio Iglesias, Enrico Macias, Boney M, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Dalida, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Demis Roussos, Johnny Hallyday, Aretha Franklin…*

I met Frank Sinatra at one of those shows. “New York, New York”, “Fly Me to the Moon” and then “My Way”. My Way made a different impression on me when I studied English in my prep year. A person who feels that the end of life is approaching says how glad he is that he made his own choice, despite his mistakes, successes and regrets:I loved, I laughed, I cried, I lost. I lived as I know

It is interesting that at such a young age I was influenced by this work, sifting flour and hanging a sieve, and containing feelings of sadness and satisfaction. Let’s just say that his desire to live like this subconsciously shot me!

*Maybe 40 years have passed since…

My dad still listens to music on Sunday mornings, but now with a Bluetooth speaker and his Spotify playlist…

Years later, when I first heard Athena’s “I’m So” with her vibrant energy, my whole body was stirred by a similar feeling. It turns out that as part of the Coca-Cola My Way project, musicians from different parts of the world interpreted it, and this is me. The cover is so… So, the lyrics are similar, but the energy is different. As if this version is not so mature. Energetic, young soul. He’s not at the end of the road, but he’s clearly made some big decisions. But both of them lived and live without giving up on themselves, caring about their essence and truth, remaining true to themselves.

It seems to me that those who follow their heart love this song separately. She accompanied me to a moment that I will never forget: I said goodbye to myself with this song on the day I said goodbye to my 23-year school life. I remember when my son became an adult, I listened to him many times in the morning on the way to school to inspire him too, and we screamed with him. It has become my favorite song at parties, birthdays, holidays. I asked the DJ who wasn’t playing to play it. A person wants to share the best for himself and grow. This should be mine too!

Of course, it is not easy to take care of your essence, to go your own way, as they say in the songs; especially those that are waiting for us to adapt to our environment. Chameleon Club if equipped

Another interesting takeaway is that we are just as jealous as we are judgmental of those who can go their own way… Applause for those who can do the hard work! Good luck to us who criticize from the outside, but envy from the inside!

What then is its essence?

Knowing their values ​​and priorities,
Aware of their duties and taking care of their fulfillment,
By strategizing, accepting the environment and conditions rather than blaming them,
Knowing what you want and acting in that direction
Often monitor your physical, emotional and spiritual state and act in accordance with your needs,
It’s like sailing the waves of life instead of resisting the wind and waiting for it to die down.

You can also fuel all these conditions with a movie that makes you laugh a little and think a lot in a sweet weave: In my own way. The film begins with the following question, which music lover Omer Ali, who works as an apprentice for a car mechanic, asks Athena Gökhan:What if you were born into a family like mine, in a repair shop like me, would you be Athena Gökhan?“I think the answer to the question is: YES!

It takes passion, not great talent, to go your own way. You may have seen or heard about Ed Sheeran being knocked out on social media, that Michael Jordan was not selected for the high school team, and that Walt Disney was denied the newspaper he applied for because he wasn’t creative enough. Ed Sheeran’s behavior pushed him to work with even more passion and perseverance. Rejecting Walt Disney, he created Disney World, which he created under the motto “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do”. But most of all I was struck by the words of Michael Jordan in the Nike ad:

Maybe it’s my fault; I convinced you that everything was very simple – even if it wasn’t -… You believed that every shot I made was a shot that made us win games, you only saw my achievements and medals, you didn’t see the shots that I missed my sleepless nights, my calloused hands, my aching bones. You did not know that my every challenge and even pain motivates me …. You thought basketball was a gift from God and I didn’t have to work on it every day.” He speaks…

As Meghan Trainor said in her song “Don’t I Make It Look Easy”: How easy it seems, right? When you look at what I’ve done…

How deceptive it is to look at the lives of others and focus only on the result! It is easy to see rejections, criticisms, obstacles, as if they never existed, but were only supported. Everyone must make an effort to go their own way … Some of us become a chameleon of circumstances, someone rebels …

Where is your passion?
What are you doing for him?
What is your path?
Or are you making excuses?

This may interest you: what would you do if you knew you would not be convicted?

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