Every day I wake up with a new “me”: How do you start your day?


The morning is beautiful. Waking up early when all the evil spirits are sleeping … Brewing steaming coffee in this silence, sitting in pajamas, maybe by the window, maybe in your favorite chair, sipping coffee under a soft knitted blanket, reading a book, even if it is a page or two, to meet the day. The following suggestions will prepare you for the day, not only yourself and your problems, but your outlook on life will be expanded with information far beyond it. A person wakes up every new day, new decisions and new perspectives, these are the moments of awakening.

Yes, it ended yesterday. Despite everything I did, heard and learned, it ended, but added a little more color to me, whether I was aware of it or not. Even bitter food has a taste, it has benefits. Even my view from yesterday may have changed, become more meaningful… Last week it was also in the distant past, in a place where I could not intervene, change, and it ended. I can only show sympathy for the mistakes and mistakes I made there. Yes! But it’s gone.

And last year? Are you the same person you were today as you were last year? Not to mention the physical changes, I am a completely different person in every way. I swear I never knew me two years ago. The tastes of that woman were different, she was a completely different person with her own views on life, expectations, satisfactions and everything else. I’m completely different now. If you stop progressing, you will start moving backwards. If you haven’t gone back, know that you are ahead. Now you have a higher standard, you have reached the next level of life, you have become more special.

Instead of living by consuming, should one wake up like this in the morning, become passive people who only try to cover up their misery with hedonistic pleasures, consuming, enjoying and dreaming of dreams they don’t belong to? This should be among the things we should avoid. What is the cause of our vanity and anxiety? How we unknowingly spoil these beautiful mornings, when we wake up, I’ll be there now, look what I’ll tell you about this: We had another anxiety, like a ball of light created by social networks: A new anxiety has come into our lives, called ” abduction anxiety.” Thinking you missed something while you sleep, pick up the phone as soon as you open your eyes and look at it.

Unfortunately, we have locked our lives in phones and tablets, there are women, even more men, who live only on Instagram and live there. It’s out of touch with reality. We were surrounded by people who, it seemed to me, would lose the meaning of life if social networks were taken away from them.

Those who are not sure of their happiness need confirmation of their happiness. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning’what happened while i was sleepingIf you are one of those who are watching on social media, I wish you the best of luck. You are thrown into a whirlpool.

As if life is a fair, everyone has fun at any moment and announces these attractions on social networks. It’s all? Can life really be like this? Shall we go a little deeper? You cannot swim in shallow water because you can walk and walk. Does it make sense to drown in a spoonful of water? At the very least, if we cherish our mornings, we can start the day with our emotions and thoughts clear.

At the yoga camp I attended, we woke up at sunrise, met at 7 o’clock to do yoga, and in the meantime, a light breakfast with only fruits, and then yoga. Only one thing was required of us: from the moment of awakening until the end of yoga classes, we should not talk to anyone, not even greet each other and not meet eyes. just being yourself without emotional or energy exchange. (Phones were already banned.) To be honest, it wasn’t easy to get out of your routine and not make eye contact with the person you love as you walked by.good morning‘ but in the end it ends so well that it’s like; When yoga is over, you go to your loved one with your wonderful renewed and increased energy, add a hug to that good morning you can’t say, and say it with a big hug. It’s such a wonderful feeling… Have a ritual to conserve your energy in the morning, discover the beauty of just being with yourself. This is a ritual that you have created for yourself.

Then; you wake up with a beautiful morning and new selves that are born, grow, develop and, of course, change in these beautiful mornings…

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