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As you know, on the morning of February 6, we experienced two different earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 centered in Kahramanmaras. After the earthquake, unfortunately, news of the death of many people began to come. For several days, the whole of Turkey followed the search and rescue efforts with hope and mobilized for the survivors of the earthquake. While everyone is trying to do their best through various means, such as individual donations and local volunteering, some of them are getting help from technology development for earthquake victims. earthquake relief platforms develops. Built with the support of hundreds of local developers, the goal of these platforms is to collect requests for help in a healthy way. We have put together earthquake relief platforms prepared to provide assistance, support and coordination for earthquake victims.

Search and rescue support platforms

All of the digital platforms listed below have been developed in the hope of providing some support to search and rescue efforts.

1. App for listening to garbage

The Debris Listening platform is designed to detect the voices of people under the rubble and can work without internet. The link to the application can be found here.

2. Place of the earthquake

As you know, after the earthquake, many earthquake victims and their relatives reported their situation or asked for help via Twitter. Countless lives have been saved in this way… Here is a website designed to support this process at earthquake sites, where relevant help tweets are marked. You can access the site here.

3. Earthquake address notification page

The earthquake address notification page is a web service that lists the people who are under the rubble and you can enter the data using the address notification form. Through this platform, you can provide the address of assistance so that official NGOs can quickly contact them. You can access the platform here.

4. Targeted earthquake

Address Earthquake collects and lists “Help Me” tweets sent to Twitter via the website. This way help teams can view requests in one place. You can access the site here.

5. Distress map

The Disaster Focused Needs Mapping Platform is a Disaster Mapping; It collects all calls for help from various sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and various websites and refines this data for use in the field. In other words, a web application that displays trash on a map with different labels based on density. You can access the application here.

6. Map of earthquakes

The Earthquake Map, like the Natural Disaster Map, is a web-based application that displays debris on a map with different colored labels based on density. You can access the application here.

Platforms to support earthquake victims and access safe points

The following digital platforms have been developed to provide support and access to safe spaces for earthquake victims.

1. is also a help platform developed by volunteer software developers. It brings together those who want to help and those who need help. This multi-purpose website lists those under the rubble, their needs for food and warmth. You can access the site here.

2. Distress information

Disaster Information is a website that collects information needed by METU students about earthquakes. The site has helpful articles about temporary accommodation and safe gathering places, drop off options, Red Crescent donation points, important phone numbers and websites, information about donation points. You can access the site here.

3. Emergency shelter/gathering areas is a website that lists shelters and gathering places in case of natural disasters. Detailed information about the location and addresses of the respective places can be found on the website. You can access the platform here.

4. Earthquake hotline

The Earthquake Helpline is a website that marks and shows on a map the places that need help. You can access the site here.

5. Closest points to the disaster area

Closest points to a disaster area, a bot that returns the nearest point of debris in response when the location is shared via Whatsapp. You can find it here.

6. Help Links

Help Links, as the name suggests, is a website that lists earthquake support groups. Whatsapp communication groups from different regions, volunteer operators to organize calls; There is contact information for needs such as food, housing, pharmacy, gasoline. You can find it here.

7. Help Basarsoft

This earthquake help map app, on the other hand, displays relevant points on the map through selectable layers like help requests, help locations, gas stations. You can find the map here.

Help platforms to find relatives of earthquake victims

The following platforms have been developed to help earthquake victims find their relatives and support the process.

1. Find me nearby

Find My Relatives is a website that lists the addresses of earthquake victims along with their names for those who have not heard from their families. You can access the site here.

2. I’m fine

I’m OK, a website designed to provide communication between earthquake victims and their relatives in the earthquake area. This allows people in the earthquake area to communicate their situation to other people. You can access the site here.

3. Request to transfer a patient

Patient Transfer Request, as the name suggests, is a website that lists patients transferred from earthquake zones. You can find it here.

4. Earthquake declared missing

Earthquake Lost Notification is a web application for those who are still looking for their relatives. You can find it here.

Placement Assistance Platforms

The following digital platforms have been developed to facilitate the process of assisting earthquake victims.

1. Be my guest

“Be My Guest” is a website that lists guest spots. There are two types of users in the system: the homeowner and the needy. After this selection, mutual calls are made on the platform and by contact numbers, and accommodation for those in need is carried out. You can access the site here.

2. Accommodation

Accommodation is a web application that shows on a map where earthquake victims can stay for free. You can find it here.

3. Housing for natural disasters

Disaster Housing is a web application designed to provide housing services for earthquake victims. There are two different options, such as receiving and providing hosting services on the site. You can access the site here.

4. Busy day

A Hard Day’s Friend is also a web application that connects people who need housing, such as disaster housing, or who have suitable housing. You can find it here.

5. Rent is a house

One Rent One Home is a solidarity campaign launched by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Needs Map to bring together people who lost their homes after the earthquake and those who want to support rent or open their vacant homes for use. You can access the site here.

6. Hotels

Otelz, a platform that lists accommodation options by region, lists hotels and accommodations that support earthquake victims in a tab for earthquake support purposes. You can find the list here.

Other earthquake relief platforms

Below you can find various platforms designed to support earthquake victims in technical development and on various issues.

1. IT earthquake helps discord

Earthquake IT helps discord, a discord channel that develops tech projects related to earthquakes. You can access the channel here.

2. Jotform

Jotform is a feature rich online form builder that lets you create powerful forms to collect important information. And in this complex process, it offers all its services free of charge to support search and rescue, medical and humanitarian organizations working in areas affected by the earthquake. You can find it here.

3. International Association of Carriers

Again, the International Association of Carriers publishes advertisements for the transportation of aid in earthquake zones to help in this difficult process. You can find it here.

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