Dr. The subtleties of creating an effective visualization board, according to Tara Swart


One of the most recurring topics in personal development in recent times, visualization boardMaybe you’ve never tried it, or maybe you’ve already tried it but didn’t get the results you want… So learning the ins and outs of making more effective visualization boards can be life-changing. Neuroscientist and author of The Source, Dr. She shares tips for using the visualization board more effectively on Tara Swart’s mindbodygreen podcast.

How do visualization boards work?

Actually, the visualization board, based on the principles of the law of attraction, visual representation of your goals This is a collection of articles, photos, quotes, and various items that serve. You can create your own visualization board by cutting and pasting from magazines, newspaper clippings, or photographs, or you can also create a digital board if you like. The choice is yours. However, no matter what choice you make, there are a few things to consider. Dr. Tara Swart reminds you that if you want to create a visualization board that actually works, you should consider the following steps:

  • Be clear about your intention: Start by asking yourself the following question: What do I want to invite/manifest in my life? something physical (maybe your goal is to buy a house)trait (e.g. positive, motivation) Maybe. Knowing that you have a clear answer to this question, move on to the next steps. Give yourself the time you need to be sure of your intention.
  • Focus on your images and objects: Once you understand how you want to use your visualization board, you can focus on some of the images and objects that represent your goals. It could be magazine clippings, photos describing your goal, text, anything that really resonates with you. Make sure you choose the right objects to conjure up correctly.

  • Start editing: After determining your intent and collecting the necessary objects, images and texts, it’s time for the most interesting step: placement and editing time. Start moving everything you collect, choose, on the board or on the digital screen. Think carefully about what and where you want to place, and do not fix anything until you are completely sure. Move objects around until you feel truly inspired by looking at the whole thing. Keep in mind that your goal is not to complete it as quickly as possible, but to spend time with your visualization board, having fun and feeling the process.
  • Find a suitable place: After filling the board, take some time to find the right spot. Don’t make hasty decisions, take your time. Make sure you don’t choose a location where you visit the least or most seedy corner of your room. Choose a place that will be in front of you every day, easy to see and inspire every time you see it.

Why visualization boards work?

Dr. Swart says that today we are bombarded with a lot of information, and that today we get as much information from newspapers as a person 100 years ago would have received in almost his entire life. “Visualization boards help your brain look through this information and figure out exactly what you want. Your brain’s natural filtering mechanism keeps you from seeing things that are not relevant to your survival; however, these days you may need to pay more attention to these irritants. It means starting to notice in your daily life what is already on your visualization board.”

According to a famous doctor, just like when you buy a new car, you start seeing that make or model everywhere. You can start discovering opportunities that will bring you closer to your goals on the visualization board. “By exposing your brain to these images over and over again, you prepare it not only to realize it, but to seize opportunities that will bring you closer to what you want.” said dr. That’s why Swarth called visualization boards “action boardshe also declares. However, this goes without saying; We can’t sit at home all day waiting for our wishes to come true. take actionwe hand, that is, we must begin our actions. We must strive for what we need to do in order to get what we want.

Finally, Dr. Tara Swart offers another quick way to make visualization boards even more effective: Tetris effect. The Tetris effect, which has taken its place in the literature as a psychological phenomenon, tells us that the last thing we look at leaves its mark on our subconscious more than anything else these days. So looking at your visualization board before bed can help you take advantage of the Tetris effect and bring your desires into your life.

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