Don’t ignore messengers that encourage you to convert hate


A Zen student asks his teacher:
“I have anger that I can’t handle. What should I do?”
His master says, “Show me your anger.”
“I can’t show right now. Gets out at the most inopportune moment. the student answers.
The Zen Master replies:
Then it is not your nature; you weren’t born with it. This is not yours…

We can’t just call it a negative feeling.
Even the timbre of the word is not pleasant to our ear.
There is an excess.
We have already learned about hate.
We see many incidents stemming from hatred in society at large, in the news and reports.

Is it possible to remain insensitive?
Or exposure?

I look at the anatomy of hate; There is craftiness in this.
Feeling of desire for someone evil, misfortune.
It contains the desire to remove, eliminate, destroy.
And most importantly, I hate it. managed, instrumental AND dominates feeling.
Therefore, its seeds are calmly planted, watered and germinated.

Hate is a permanent emotion. He just stands there.
He is waiting in the wings to rise to the surface.
It is an emotionally charged and dynamic emotion, as well as a fixed one.

Nelson Mandela said that people are not born with hatred, they learn to hate. According to what we’ve learned, this “hate” works!

Let’s take a closer look:
Firstly from different we hate
We fear what we hate. We hate fear.
It’s dangerous without us.
Our need for belonging and security kicks in.
I better hate it, don’t mess with me!

Also, force There is a problem:
We “hate” when we are against the very strong, and not on his side. The strong is the tyrant, I am the victim.
I better hate it, maybe it won’t mess with me!

Failure Another situation that incites hatred:

Think back to your student days. Would you hate both the class and the teacher of the class where you “failed” or weren’t good enough? Was it really a lesson you hated, or was it an intolerance for failure and inadequacy?

I better hate it, maybe it won’t mess with me!

It’s hardest for those who show me what I have those who reflect hatred:

Jung calls this our shadow side, this unpleasant side of me that I find hard to accept. Think of all the qualities and adjectives that you don’t want or accept in yourself… The feeling you have for those who remind you of this and see them in you is “hate”!

German writer Hermann Hesse: “If you hate someone, you have something that you hate in that person. What you don’t have doesn’t bother you.” speaks. You hate it because you know what you know and don’t like it.

I better hate it, maybe it won’t mess with me!

I read somewhere: Hate symbolizes things that are important to you. he said.
If someone comes to you and talks about something they hate, you can learn a lot about them.
However, I am always in favor of knowing myself first.
What do you hate? Let’s make a list.
Now pay attention to your words. How often do you use the word hate?
“I hate broccoli!”
“My baby hates the pacifier!”
“I hate school!”
How about teenagers?
They hate everything and everyone.

The spectrum between hostility and hatred is quite wide.
You may not like something, but that doesn’t mean you hate it.

Fairy tales are full of mythological stories and history is full of hate stories. This is such an interesting topic that writers, screenwriters and producers make this most primitive feeling the material for their works. Maybe we hear, read, watch so much that it becomes normal in our minds.

Hate is never “normal”. Normalization is the real problem.

(A word of advice: Watch the Steven Spielberg documentaries Why We Hate and Why We Hate: Payback on the Discovery Channel.)

Social networks provide an excellent medium for this:
It quickly affects all of us, encouraging and organizing us.
And it also organizes hatred. Sometimes it becomes a place where organized people freely spew their hatred.
And, unfortunately, there are no obstacles in front of this. He does it because he wants to and because he can.

Does hate bring a solution?

Let’s answer this question in the words of Martin Luther King…

“Darkness cannot drive away darkness; only light can do that. Hatred cannot drive out hatred; Only love can do this.”

I want us to translate these banal words into ourselves. You know, I don’t write political articles. The fight against terrorism, genocide, these are harsh realities, but this is not my area. I follow it just like any ordinary person. As part of our personal journey, I can talk about projecting the concepts of hate and love into our lives:

The feeling of lightness and lightness that will come into our lives is possible with love. Loving yourself first.
Accept yourself fully with your shadow sides. Love your essence with all its advantages and disadvantages. It is not simple.
Let’s practice again
What do you never want to have in yourself?
What adjectives would you like to be described?

Make your list.
These concepts always point to your shadow side. From the outside, you have to admit that you have it too.
Here’s an example:
You had a disagreement with a friend and he called you “ignorant”.
What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
Attacking the word “ignorant” and anyone who says it in connection with the schools you have studied, the diplomas, the certificates you have, or the books you haven’t dropped?
Or is it that you do not know and cannot know everything?
You do not have to eat every meal that is served to you, and you do not have to take on every word that is attributed to you.
But if you’re aroused and need to defend or even attack, welcome to your shadow side.
This is a difficult place.

I give you one of the keys that has transformed me:
“Don’t kill the messenger!”
In other words, put aside the situation or person that annoys and angers you and see what happens in that situation and you are provoked.
Here is one way to turn negativity into hate.
Received with love…

It may interest you: the question we forget to ask ourselves these days is “Are you okay?”

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