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Do you know about the power of words? -Aplifers


In the first Uplifers article of 2023, I invite you to explore the art of contemplation. One can find many different interpretations and definitions of contemplation. However, if I have to define Nalan, that is, when I look at what contemplation is for me; For me, this is the art of possibility. But for some it may be the art of concentration, for another the process of meditation or even a way of thinking. After all, the common name of all of them is contemplation. This is the art of deep concentration, deep silence and deep contemplation – to step with something into your inner world and dive deeper and deeper into its greater structure.

So why is it important? Why should we meditate? Why should we focus and notice the deeper, larger part? Because everything serves its part, which is greater than itself. It’s all about the quants. Even if I say it in a more familiar language for us; Is everything a chicken from an egg or an egg from a chicken? there is a story. Nothing in the universe is meaningless, and everything in the universe serves something else. Hence the importance of contemplation, it is a necessary way, a method, a necessity to discover that we are more than inferences worked out by a single causal relationship in a world of infinite possibilities.

Otherwise, we are forced to play games of stuck victimization that get lost in one causal relationship; victim consciousness. However, right now a new way of life is being born, the sky is changing, energies are changing and all balances are being restructured, so we as humans should be able to find the formulas to take steps of restructuring towards ourselves. ; We must move from a victim mentality to a release mentality.

My method of meditation is “words”; In other words, in my contemplation process that I developed in Nalan, the words open up areas of greater service to me and the depths of my own world. Because each word shows me the story of the chicken, egg, egg or chicken in each word. That’s why I love to go deep into my heart with words, I enjoy how they kindle the light that illuminates me, and in this way I can, word by word, be released into the illusions that I have created. Let’s do a little example of contemplation along with the word itself:

What a word?

Every word, every contemplation, every contemplation is an opportunity for enlightenment.

The best definition of this word is on Wikipedia: A word or word is a linguistic unit with a sound meaning, consisting of one or more morphemes related to each other. This shows me that each word can create dozens of perceptions, creating vibrations and meanings according to the sentence the person is saying and the situation they are feeling. For example, “fear” is a common word that we all know. A word that is used and felt many times throughout the day: Although we call “fear” on behalf of the stimulating response resulting from an event or thought perceived as a threat, how many people do we know who use the expression “fear” in this definition? I have never met.

One can say the same thing about the similar words “anxiety and anxiety”, but when they are considered, all such similar words come to the same conclusion: An excitatory reaction resulting from an event or thought perceived as a threat. Considered in this sense,I’m scared or worriedHow much do you think the situation would change if we realized and realized the true meaning of the words ”, using them by heart.

If II was frightenedAs soon as I enter contemplation, I immediately look at what I perceive as a threat, what sensory perception creates an exciting feeling in me, and even look at my experiences and information order. In this way, I see that I am not really afraid, I remember everything that scared me before, and now I am afraid, based on this feeling. So, now I understand that there is nothing that I would be afraid of, because now I see that nothing threatens. Thus, now I am free from the illusion of fear-anxiety that appears in the memory. Because fear is just a word, and like every word, it doesn’t matter more than what it gives me. I am the only one limiting or freeing the value it gives me.

Thus, by entering the contemplation of a word or words, I can complete the contemplation by giving myself the experience of “fear”, which actually turns out to be the biggest problems.

It was an example of contemplation; I tried to show as best as possible with an example that what you start with is not the same as what develops and ends. I hope I have inspired you too. Because the word, you can look at the history of the chicken or the egg or the egg or the chicken in the word. So do words provoke us or do we provoke words?

Today I have an invitation for you, but first I want to share some good news with you: the first of a series of books on the Gene Keys, The Art of Contemplation, is in print and we will share it with you in a few weeks. Thus, you can develop your own method with one of the dozens of methods of contemplation described in the book. On Monday, 01/16/2023 at 20.30, the topic of the online broadcast of the free monthly open chat of the gene keys “the art of contemplation”, everyone is invited to join:

Jin toggles open chat

Meeting ID: 786 492 4561

Password: 12071971

For those who missed it, you can watch the Gen Keys Turkey replay on YouTube @genanahtarlarturkiye1783. You can ask your questions live and give us the opportunity to share details about the art of contemplation.

I wish you to be free with your method of contemplation, and I say to remain in peace and joy.

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