Do you eat because you are hungry or because you are bored?


front of the TV eat a bag of chips or end the afternoon separate a piece of chocolate for; we all use from time to time unhealthy habits. This type of food is boredom can be caused and usually with guilty pleasure Results. If this feeling is all too familiar to you, don’t be angry with yourself. Because your brain metabolic, cognitive and reward mechanisms closely related; it is too appetite regulation complicates…

The science of appetite regulation

your appetite biological AND psychological regulation and metabolic health effectsis currently one of the hot topics of the scientific world. But these problems are also incredible difficult. Therefore, researchers regulate hunger There are different interpretations of how this helps the subject. For example, biological factors that influence appetite regulation are as follows:

  • stress level
  • Feelings
  • Hormones (thyroid, sex, hunger, adrenals, etc.)
  • Long-term energy stores in adipose tissue (i.e. body fat)
  • lean muscle mass requiring energy
  • Gut-Brain Axis (Nutritional Perception and Availability)
  • Senses (taste, smell, texture, vision)
  • Individual metabolic needs
  • Establishing food tastes and preferences (such as how your brain associates food with certain experiences)

appetite regulation, nutritional status AND food reward value It contains brain circuits that process signals. In other words, both homeopathic nutrition (food intake to maintain energy homeostasis) and hedonistic food (eating food for pleasure) the same neural activity processed with.

As you can see, only “feed your body” you don’t eat for; in the same time feeding your brain’s reward system You also enjoy food. This is why many nutritionists today encourage their clients to discover the healthy flavors they enjoy. Because the complete rejection of certain products stable and satisfactory may not be.

How does eating out of boredom affect hunger hormones?

more than usual stressful You, sad Eat for the boredom you feel or indulge in unhealthy snacks “hedonic food” described in the category. And when you find yourself eating hedonistically and not homeothetically, feelings of hunger and satiety You may have trouble adjusting. This is because it regulates our appetite. three main hunger hormones (ghrelin, leptin and insulin) are highly dependent on our diet and eating habits.

  • ghrelin It’s the hunger hormone. It is released when the stomach is empty and decreases when the stomach is distended.
  • leptin It’s a satiety hormone. It is produced by adipose tissue (i.e., fat cells) and notifies the brain when enough fat has accumulated in the body so that you do not overeat.
  • insulin This is a “reserve” hormone. It is released by the pancreas to help cells take glucose from the bloodstream to be used as energy or stored as glycogen in the liver.

These hormones to internal factors (eg, reduced sensitivity to leptin and insulin) or to external factors (eg, diet, physical activity) hunger and satiety detection may affect our ability to:

“Empty Calories” (e.g. simple carbohydrates, sugary foods, etc.) your stomach will not stretch too much, which can leave you hungry after a carbohydrate meal or snack static level of ghrelin leads to.

If the energy you consume (i.e. calories) is more than you expend, the excess energy leptin and insulin reduces its effect on appetite regulation. In other words, your brain satiety signals they are more difficult to take, which can lead to changes in diet and body composition.

How to tune in to brain hunger signals?

Hormone fluctuations, unsustainable diets, calorie counting AND emotional nutrition for various reasons, for example from hunger signals we can part. fortunately leptin and ghrelin related to changes in our level perceive inner feelingspossibly relearn.

  • How does hunger feel?: While hunger may seem synonymous with rumbling, it can actually come with a variety of physical and emotional side effects. For example, if you are hungry tired or irritable You may begin to feel dizzy or have trouble concentrating. By listening to these subtle tips, you can better regulate your eating habits.
  • What does the feeling of satiety look like?: It can be divided into satiety, contentment, and a feeling of contentment. You may notice that your stomach is comfortably full or that you no longer feel like eating. Pay attention to these tips binge eating This may help you avoid eating.

Experts with hunger signals to start reconnecting inner awareness your practice, namely the physical sensations in your body (hunger pangs, satiety and energy levels) attention recommends doing. If we tune into these signals stress, boredom instead of eating on external cues such as in response to hunger We can start eating.

  • At the moment there are many different things you can try. inner awareness exercise There is. The simplest of them is keeping a fasting diary. When you feel hungry, take a few minutes to note what you are going through, both physically and emotionally. This changes the patterns of your hunger signals over time. make you realize and they are better develop responses will provide.
  • If you’re having trouble adapting to hunger signals, signal processing briefly do not rush. Your body food signals going to admit 15 minutes beret. Therefore your brain get to your stomach spend time and eat slowly you can try.
  • Sometimes to malnutrition connected to physical hunger eating out of boredom miscible. To avoid this, first during the day that you are fed enough sure. this number person to person, day to day in general, although every 3-4 hours main meal or meal containing fats, proteins and carbohydrates with several different product groups means to eat together.
  • Really you feel hungry if you notice or last long hours eating if it’s true something satisfying try to eat. Because what people sometimes refer to as boredom food actually happens because they don’t choose something satisfying enough to handle the level of hunger they’re experiencing.

As a result, this perception of hunger and satiety from internal signals when we parted homeothetical hunger hedonistic hunger so much to distinguish Stronger becomes. This can lead to eating out of boredom, shifting to unhealthy snacks, and feeling disconnected from our bodies. to eating habits may cause. With a little attention and awareness, you, too, can tune in to your body’s internal signals and maintain your metabolic health.

food for boredom Remember that this is a situation that anyone can face. Of course, this behavior habit If it has become you more harm than good If he begins to give, you may decide to take action. Myself judge instead underlying causes focus on exploration. If you think you have problems with your eating habits and can’t solve them on your own, seek professional help.

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