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High stress seems to be one of the most common and most intractable problems of our time. To date, hundreds of methods have been found to reduce stress levels, and it is told how to apply them. Books have been written about him, courses prepared, seminars held. New ones will be found and distributed. Which ones have you read? Are there suggestions that you have highlighted? Did you take note of the information from the seminars? The most up-to-date information and methods that you have not heard about before? So, is there a place in your life right now for these suggestions, information, and techniques that you have learned? If I were to ask you what percentage of what you learned was applied, what percentage would you say? 90%, 40%, 10%, 2%? 0%?!

Then I will tell you the most effective stress reduction method, are you ready?: Apply!

How much new information in theory, how much”it works for this person“If you study a method, study; they won’t work if you don’t apply them and use these methods. After the training, where you learn all the information that you do not use, you will run from training to training, from content to content, chasing new information, thinking that this is not enough.

In a consumer culture, this may seem normal to you. When you find a method that may be up to the real norm, try it for a while while applying it. You will see the effect only when you try it. If it works, take anything, give it a big hug, and keep practicing. If you do not see the effect, although you regularly try, then look for another method. This is the reason most people fail to reduce stress. They think attending training and learning technique will work. What really works is to apply!

If you have a high level of stress and do not know where to start, if you are lost among the techniques learned, I offer you a method that can help you:

Learn the program “Live in the moment”

The Internalize Living Now program offers holistic, health-focused practices.

Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit Support:

  • Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises,
  • Includes practice on a bonus theme each month.

You can reduce your stress levels with live lessons and practices, the ability to repeat them throughout the week, and practices that support your holistic health through group activities.

Our Bonus Theme for February: Awareness in Romantic Relationships

We will be guided by the book Attachment by mental health experts Amir Levine and Rachel Heller. You will learn attachment styles in romantic relationships, open yourself up in practice, and increase your understanding of romantic relationships. With the help of various practices that complement each other, you can free yourself from the burden of the past and worries about the future; you can start living in more moments!

Monthly schedule:

Date range: February 6 – March 2.

Portal: Online / Zoom (Course recordings will be emailed and can be viewed again within 1 week.)

Live program:

February 6 Monday 20:00-21:00: Introduction and introductory presentation

Every Wednesday 08:00-09:15: mindfulness-based yoga

Every Thursday 20:00-21:15: Mindfulness meditation and bonus topic/practice presentation

For more information and to register for the program, send me a message:

Instagram: momentbiziebel

Email the address: [email protected]

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