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The best in the world offering incredible personalized services. health hotelsThe next one is waiting to be discovered!

after the pandemicMost people outlook on life, life habits and priorities constantly modified. from all over the world travelersfor a long time yoga classes, deep tissue massage and fitness training courses go to resorts. Because with the pandemic together “healthy lifestyle” acquired a new dimension and people different ways through concentrate began. in priorities this change to health tourism naturally high demand. According to a June 2022 report from business trends research firm Grand View Research, global health tourism market by 2030. over $1 trillion and next eight years annually at about 10 percent bid height Waiting. Therefore, today many hotels and boarding houses offer their visitors, as a rule, western diagnostics their tests, with oriental therapy by mixing longevity supposedly promotion “advanced wellness treatments” offers.

The best wellness hotels in the world

As a result wellness vacation or retreat plan, to your own transformation on the way to go huge step Maybe. With such a holiday, whether break with old habitsfor changing find inspirationor just try something new hope; all this useful experienceby centers inspire It’s meant for… Here around the world health hotels and the services they offer to attract wellness travelers. (Remember to check with your doctor before starting any treatment program.)

1. Salt baths and smart beds: Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Wellness hotels the first offer on our list is from Miami. Tammy Pachel, Vice President of Spa & Wellness at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami Beach, has been a keen witness to people’s changing needs. And he explains it in these words: “When we reopened the hotel in November 2020 after the pandemic, people called us with specific concerns such as anxiety, insomnia and muscle tension and asked what services we offer to help them.”

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has invested more than $1 million in state-of-the-art equipment for its 70,000-square-foot spa during the pandemic. stress, insomnia and back pain aimed at solving problems such as wellness services developed. The following are some examples of services offered by the hotel:

  • Salt bath and soothing red light therapy,
  • Smart beds using sounds and electromagnetic waves known to put the body into a state of deep rest,
  • Physicians who specialize in Chinese medicine techniques such as acupuncture (using needles or lasers) and functional medicine, who address a person’s holistic health to understand the root causes of disease.
  • The results of a comprehensive blood test that examines the level of hormones and minerals; A program that develops specific treatment plans that include diet and lifestyle changes, stress management, nutrient injections, herbal hormone therapy (supervised by a team of doctors and nurses),
  • Smart beds that use artificial intelligence to analyze personal sleep preferences such as room firmness and temperature.

This hotel, which offers a private wellness center, starts at $699; Contactless technology services, some examples of which are listed above, can be ordered separately starting at $99 for 25 minutes. The blood test costs $499 or $299 with eligible health insurance plans.

2. Silence in Chaos: Aman Hotels

most notable in the world health hotels Aman Hotels in New York, which is one of the from 3 days to 12 weeks Offers various programs. In a hotel; physicians, Chinese medicine practitioners and physiotherapists body fat team, cognition, minerals and toxic metals, glucose levels; measuring the functionality of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous and musculoskeletal systems high tech gadgets using various treatments AND their diet personalizes it for individuals. Team physicians may also request previous medical records and request further testing. Open to hotel guests and spa members only;

  • infrared sauna,
  • hot and cold baths,
  • Various cleaning and detox services are offered, such as a cryotherapy room.

The goal is for our guests to travel and explore New York, in chaos A little find silence and general improve your health to provide. The cost of living in a hotel from $ 3200; The three-day program starts at $15,600 including lodging, food, and non-alcoholic beverages.

3. Assessment of sleep cycles and cell aging: Six Senses Ibiza Resort

Six Senses Ibiza Resort is located in Spain. comprehensive medical examinations and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (breathing pure oxygen) Program options for 1, 3 or 7 days offers. Guests attending the programs are also given an airtight capsule, which is believed to help speed up the healing process. cryotherapy and show how quickly cells age Tests that analyze DNA currently being done.

Health packages offered to individuals consultations with medical professionals, intravenous infusions, oxygen therapy and massages contains. In addition, there is a new program that evaluates a person’s chronotype or natural sleep cycle.

The cost of living in this hotel starts from $827, including breakfast.

4. Focus on building healthy habits: Alive Resort

The Alive Resort in Uruguay draws inspiration from Sha Health Clinic, Priedlhof and the Bürgenstock Waldhotel for example. one of the well established European spas take. Maintenance services offered by the hotel include general practitioners, nutritionists and therapists provided by medical professionals. Specialists offer medical services that adjust posture to relieve pressure on the body. 3D scanners and weightless beds combined with technologies such as

Individual plans focus on inculcating new diet, fitness and stress management habits, and many hotel guests choose to quit smoking, lose weight and detox. The resort says that most guests stay for a week, and some for months.

At the hotel restaurant from each other, specially prepared for the different purposes, needs and health conditions of the guests. different food options There is. So every guest special food maybe have. Guests also;

  • Seminars where they learn to read food labels and make healthy choices with a nutritionist,
  • They can attend cooking classes and consultations with a therapist and life coach.
  • Before leaving the hotel, they can book an online meeting with specialists to create personalized diets and fitness plans that can be continued at home.

The cost of staying here starts at $449 per person, with a minimum stay of three nights.

5 Lush Island Personalized Treatments: Being Joali

There are amazing services here. from wellness hotels Another one! Wellness concept at Joali Being, a new wellness resort in the Maldives mind, skin, microbiome and energy consists of four main groups.

A facility that has an extremely stylish design on a lush island, doctors, Ayurvedic specialists, Chinese medicine specialists, herbalists He has a team of specialists. Guests can integrate the new healthy habits they develop. before the trip, three times during the stay and after the trip total, including fivefold consulting service they take.

  • Experts use electrical currents to test the health of organs and other parts of the body, allowing for custom treatment. Quest 4 device like many other technological device They are used.
  • Personal trainers for guests individual exercises they do it.
  • In addition to all this, massage in the thermal pool, acupressure in the spa and one of the most popular uses of the product. Watsu hydrotherapy massage There are countless options such as

The cost of living in this hotel starts from $2146 per night. To learn more about Being Joali, you can read our related article: Maldives Wellness Paradise: Being Joali.

6. Breathing, meditation and oxygen therapy: Koh Samui

Wellness hotels The last offer on our list is from Thailand. Located in Kamalaya on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, Longevity House is exclusive to its guests. Over 100 treatments and 17 wellness programs offers. A set of it all Eastern and Western medical staff; specializes in areas such as acupuncture and reiki good life consultants do it with. Its programs offer various Asian cultures ancient medical and spiritual traditions, with western science combined design.

Services that address many different aspects of health and wellness include;

  • Individual intravenous infusions of vitamins,
  • hyperbaric oxygen therapy,
  • It involves cancer screening, which uses blood tests to help detect the disease before symptoms appear.

The cost of living here is approximately $ 1425 for a 3-day program, including meals + no accommodation; The cost of living is only 200 dollars.

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