Disaster and Emergency Training: What kind of training can we get and where can we get it?


Written and unwritten sources testify that the lands on which our country is located have suffered from many strong earthquakes and serious losses associated with them from the past to the present. Because, as experts often remind, “Turkey is in a seismic zone.” However, most of us With the earthquake in the Sea of ​​Marmara on August 17, 1999We have gained a deeper awareness of the “earthquake”. Earthquake of magnitude 7.4 in the Sea of ​​Marmara Kocaeli, Yalova, Sakarya, Bursa, Bolu and Avcilar districts of Istanbul to great destruction called. to official data in accordance with 20 thousand people dying about 50 thousand injured person. The first hours of the earthquake and even the first days, real panic and not knowing what to do passed as it was. Search and rescueassistance, logistics, housing and communication activities, mainly inadequate left. May be before this disasterfor the majority of people “help”Only financial resources It was about an exchange. However, the earthquake affected so many people that financial donations may not have been enough. Therefore, all television and radio channels “Volunteers are needed in the earthquake zone” figurative to ads gave way. Here is the earthquake in Marmara, in our country volunteering concept It almost took a break. Many volunteers and organizations working in various fields quickly took action and acted in the disaster area.

Looking back today, we see that little has changed. Earthquake Reality accept and more conscious need to take precautions individual necessary public In terms of, Even more we need to do. Moreover, earthquakes are not the only reality in our country. flood, flood, avalanche, landslide, fireTurkeyDue to its tectonic, seismic, topographic and climatic structure, natural disasters often country where you want to live. In other words, there is no reliable way to escape an earthquake or other possible disasters within the country’s borders. Instead of, disaster awareness We must take the necessary precautions.

Of course, the greatest responsibility for reporting natural disasters and taking the necessary precautions lies with the state. In addition, we should take precautions individually, listen to the suggestions of experts, and improve more. Based on this idea, we have compiled trainings that can help us and others in possible disasters. Below you can find some of the trainings you can take to prepare for emergencies.

Search and rescue training

Of course, this is one of the first things that come to mind when preparing for natural disasters and emergencies is mentioned. search and rescue training. These trainings primarily discuss basic information such as disaster preparedness, disaster management, and contingency plans. This is followed by technical training such as field exploration and safety, support materials, rescue phase, reporting, as well as ropes and knots used in the rescue, related applications and first aid training. In addition, disaster psychology education is one of the important subjects that are taught in addition to this. Fine agencies providing search and rescue training Which?


As you know, AKUT is the first non-governmental organization in our country. He is active in hard-to-reach places and in works after natural disasters. It also supports individuals/institutions in raising awareness on this issue through the “Safe Living and Emergency Response Trainings” it provides in this context.

AKUT – Search and rescue and evacuation trainingAwareness-level training that explains basic rescue techniques and elements to consider when evacuating in the event of natural disasters and emergencies. The content of the training is as follows:

  • Definition of search, rescue and evacuation
  • Obligations of the employer, authorized personnel and employees
  • Choosing a Search and Rescue Method
  • Search and rescue equipment and its correct use
  • Individual protection means
  • Evacuation issues
  • Field applications

For more information and other trainings, you can visit the AKUT training page or use the contact addresses: [email protected]0549 783 37 18


AFAD is one of the agencies that provide various disaster and emergency training for volunteers. provided by AFAD. Urban search and rescue trainingThe purpose of the training is to improve the ability of the people involved in the training to respond to an accident in the safest and most efficient way in a timely manner, and to instill in them basic behaviors and skills. You can visit the website to learn more about the content of the training and get information about other trainings.

3. Other institutions where you can get search and rescue training.

  • Blue Academy: Mavi Academy operates in Istanbul and Bursa; gives practical classes such as first aid, search and rescue, fire training. You can access the site here.
  • Rock Workout: Through the trainings it offers to members, it aims to teach intervention in the post-disaster region by helping other disaster victims with limited time and resources until teams from other regions arrive. You can visit the website for detailed information.
  • Medlife Center: It provides training at two different levels: Basic Search and Rescue and Advanced Search and Rescue. You can visit the website for other trainings and details.
  • MAG-AME (Neighbourhood Association of Emergency Response Volunteers): MAG-AME is a comprehensive advanced level program that includes High Angle Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Flood and Flood Rescue, First Aid, Fire Safety, Logistics, Traffic Accidents, Navigation and Pathfinding, Psychology and Disaster Leadership, Disaster Communications and International Disaster Response. Standards Offers search and rescue training. Detailed information and much more can be found on the website.

First aid courses

When preparing for natural disasters and emergencies, one of the skills you can learn on your own is first aid. A basic knowledge of first aid can help you save your life or the lives of others, not only in potential disasters, but also in everyday emergencies. Here basic or advanced Establishments where you can get first aid training:

  • FAD: Click for free first aid training papers.
  • SPICY: Click for information on first aid training.
  • Blue Academy: Click for information on first aid training.
  • Medlife Center: Click for information on first aid training.
  • Fitness Academy: Click for information on first aid training.

Psychological first aid training

Psychological First Aid is a disaster relief method adopted by the World Health Organization. The purpose of this type of intervention is to provide people with safety, stability, and resources to enhance the survivors’ ability to cope immediately after a traumatic event. Because the early reactions that occur after experiencing a traumatic event can lead to distress that can prevent a person from coping with the situation. At work Institutions where you can get training in providing psychological assistance:

  • Red Crescent Academy: Online Click for information about mental health training.
  • Continuing Education Center of Istanbul University of Commerce: For free AND Online Click for information about mental health training.
  • Psychological support of METU in the system of online training in natural disasters: Click to access free and online documents on mental health training.
  • NHman: Click for information about mental health training.

* In addition to all this, you are connected to municipality Don’t forget to be aware of the trainings he can arrange. For example Kadikoy Municipality conducts many trainings on disaster awareness for adults and students. For detailed information, you can view the site here.

Survival training

As a result of modern life, you can order whatever you want to your home without leaving your home. But if the electricity goes out, the internet goes out, or you get stuck in nature, basic survival skills You can better understand its importance. Because there are actually some skills that we all need to know. Basic survival skills Thanks to this, each person can make a very difficult situation more bearable and save his life in case of possible bad scenarios. At work Institutions where you can get training in survival techniques:

  • School of survival: Click for more information about the training.
  • List of things to do in life: Click here to learn more about wilderness survival training.
  • A big bear: Click to learn about wilderness survival training.
  • Deep Learning: Click for detailed information about the survival camp.
  • Airsat Academy: Click to learn about survival training.

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