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The Moon in Leo can open up your ego. It is useful to be afraid to speak big words. Negative experiences you had in the past may come back to you again. Remembering this should not upset you, because you may need to remember and think about it again in order to overcome the negative experience.

Uplife recommendation: Have you ever run away from life so you don’t feel anxiety, fear, pain, shame, sadness, or discomfort? Or because you are afraid of losing something? If you avoid doing certain things, certain environments and people in this way, it has a name: experiential avoidance. Experiential avoidance is the name given to the phenomenon that occurs when you don’t want to experience a certain bodily sensation, emotion, thought, memory, image, behavior. “The fact that you avoid confrontation heals you: humble yourself and accept in order to be happy and healthy”


If you are in the process of making a decision, you should analyze how you made that decision. Prefer something just because it’s easier? I wonder if what you find easy today will make you feel the same way 10 years from now?

Uplife recommendation: If you are in a period of important decision-making that worries you, you can make the most of this period by practicing mindfulness. Focus is your only secret weapon to reach your maximum potential without distracting your mind. So what should be your steps in this process? “Effective decision making and problem solving with mindfulness.”


Many people think that peace lies in a more comfortable life. If you want to achieve inner peace, you must think independently of the circumstances. Peace is a state of well-being in the world around you. If you are happy and peaceful, nothing else matters.

Uplife recommendation: inner peace; We can say that although we are mentally and spiritually at peace, we are also in sync with our emotions. Having sufficient knowledge and understanding is a very important trait that allows a person to remain calm and think clearly in stressful and difficult times. “Creating Inner Peace: 40 Ways to Serenity”


Sometimes people around you can make you feel bad with their words or actions and they can create stress for you. At such times, whatever the cause, you must react in moderation. When you feel very stuck, think about it.

Uplife recommendation: Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings and experiences of others. Suppose you put yourself in the place of this person; Whatever he feels, you will feel and see with the same eyes that he does. “Use the power of empathy to not give in to anger.”


The moon entering your sign can make you feel hot during the day, sometimes feeling very happy and sometimes very sad. You may think that you have lost your chance at what you dreamed of. However, it’s always good to have hope. You always have the strength to make your dreams come true. If you really want something, you must muster your motivation.

Uplife recommendation: Sometimes we start the day with a strong desire and motivation, and we dream. However, when it comes to making these dreams come true, we immediately start saying “I can’t do it”, list countless excuses, think that we are too old, that we do not have enough experience, that we are incompetent. . “Proof that it’s never too late to make your dreams come true”


You may have experienced some disappointments and problems lately. However, they were left behind. You should appreciate the positive energy you are in right now. Now is the time to recuperate, notice the beauty around you and look forward.

Uplife recommendation: “What a miracle?” If you ask me, I would say that the feeling that goes through your heart is the same as the thought that goes through your mind. If you say, “Let’s look at the big picture,” that’s fine. Then I call it that “here it is” state that arises in your heart when you feel the universe, nature, people, animals, plants and all living things separately. “To see a miracle: do you know about the miracles that appear at your every step?”


You can put off the problem for a while, but ignoring it won’t get you anywhere. Instead, set a time for yourself, and when it comes, realistically come up with a solution to the problem you’re having. Thus, you will not only reduce the burden on yourself, but also take an important step towards solving your problem.

Uplife recommendation: There are times when we hit a wall and reach our limits. A lost job, an unexpected illness, someone lost weight, a weight that can’t be shed, a relationship that ended, a project that couldn’t be successful… At this point, it’s time to choose. The power of renunciation that comes from our existence manifests in a mysterious yet necessary way for us through the choices we make. “The Strength to Overcome Difficulties Within You: Surrender and Triumph of Faith”


The goals we set for ourselves can sometimes limit us, and we may miss some of the opportunities that come our way because of these limitations. Do you think you are limiting yourself? You can also look at your goals from this perspective and try to be open to innovation.

Uplife recommendation: Whether in our daily lives or when we look at our life as a whole, we make many requests. Although these desires sometimes remain in dreams, sometimes we set them as goals for ourselves. Some wishes come true, while others remain just wishes. “It doesn’t matter what we want, what matters is why we want it: what do our needs tell us?”


Some people are so busy doing other things that they don’t notice the beauty around them. If you receive such a reaction to a service rendered to someone, do not be upset. Sometimes people may not realize it, but the Universe will definitely notice and reward you.

Uplife recommendation: In today’s world, where such concepts as good aging, active aging and active aging are heavily used, we must know that personal well-being can ensure good aging. “Personal well-being for healthy aging: how can we support well-being?”


Want to get others’ approval for a solution or idea? Trust me, if you ask five different people, you will get five different answers. But more importantly, what do you think? How does this decision make you feel? Does it bother you? Do you care? By asking questions like these, you can try to understand yourself better.

Uplife recommendation: The sun rises every day! There are wars, the end of the world will strike, but it does not cease to be born anew every day. And in all its glory! Like the sun, we must learn to be born again and again every day in all its glory, no matter what happens outside. This is our general test. “Be Like the Sun: Resolute and Majestic”


Since you have an analytical view of events, others may think that you are not very emotional. Of course, you also have feelings. Are you afraid to share your feelings? Maybe it would be nice if you could go through with it.

Uplife recommendation: People get closer to people as they can share their feelings. Can you express that you are sad, jealous, angry, ashamed, beating yourself with guilt, anger, anger from your hatred and revenge? Not afraid of all his feelings and fears, the person in front of you “what does he think of you?” Can you express it as naturally as possible without thinking, without doing calculations? “The exchange brings you closer: do you think you can express your feelings?”


What you’ve heard about a person in your life before may not match what you felt when you met that person. As an instinctive Pisces, trust your feelings and let your intuition guide you.

Uplife recommendation: Instinct, heart sound, sixth sense… They all come to the same point. Learn to hear yourself. Face your inner voice and let that wise voice answer all your questions and lead you to a dead end. “The Compass Within: Instinct, Heart Sound, Sixth Sense”

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