Daily horoscope: November 21



The presence of someone in your life gives you bad energy. However, the reason may not be only in this person; You may have identified this person and the negative experience in your mind. Take a close look at your current emotions and try to absorb this person separately from your experience.

Uplife recommendation: The influence of past experience often extends to the present. However, the past is in the past and every experience you have today is actually brand new. Don’t let the shadow of the past fall on the present. “You have a meeting with yourself, do not be late: leaving the past behind”


There is something you want from someone, but instead of saying it directly, you expect the other person to understand. If you do that, maybe he’ll understand, maybe not. But if you choose to say it directly, you won’t have a chance to misunderstand. Whatever you want for him, try to be open.

Uplife recommendation: No one can read minds, so clearly expressing our needs and desires helps us realize our desires and establish a more honest relationship with the other person. “Open Communication for Strong Bonds: You Don’t Have to Hide to Protect Yourself”


Something you see or hear today or someone you meet will keep you warm. Trust this feeling and follow it. The universe responds to our needs, often in unexpected ways.

Uplife recommendation: Life speaks to us differently. How well do we recognize and hear all these different symbols, languages? “Life speaks to us in symbols: how can we hear it better?”


Usually you are not someone who fights for power, dear Cancer, but today you will find yourself in such a situation that silence or a step back will seem unfair to yourself. Do what you want, don’t be afraid to defend yourself if you know you’re right.

Uplife recommendation: It is very important to be able to draw boundaries in order to protect your rights. Today, put aside worrying about being “embarrassed” and try to protect your personal space. “Recognize your limits to create your own safe space”


If you get into an angry argument today, it is very unlikely that you will get the desired result. However, if you manage to calmly highlight the points you want to draw attention to, you can get much more satisfying results.

Uplife recommendation: You have heard the saying: “He who sits in anger gets up with loss.” Let this word be an earring in your ear today. We have some tips on how to control your anger… “Anger Control: Learn to Come to terms with your Anger in 10 Steps”


There is a problem that you are trying to ignore for now; “It’s not my problem”, “Why should I bother?” In fact, this problem affects you too. That is why it is recommended to solve this problem before it becomes too complicated in the future, whether it is your responsibility or not.

Uplife recommendation: Did you know that you can use mindfulness to solve your problems? “Effective decision making and problem solving with mindfulness.”


The darkest moment of the night is just before dawn. In the difficult circumstances you are in now, this statement may not be credible, but very soon everything will be fine, dear Libra. Have a little patience and feel the hope of the beauty waiting for you within you.

Uplife recommendation: It is not easy to have hope in difficult times, but it is actually possible to cultivate hope even in the most difficult times.. “When the world turns upside down, there is always hope: 4 suggestions to make room for hope


Recently you had a big disappointment. The reason why you experienced it so much is because you failed even though you tried very hard… Dear Scorpio, although it seems that it’s all over at the moment, life is full of surprises, don’t forget about it. At any moment, unexpected developments may occur, or a new but much better opportunity may present itself.

Uplife recommendation: Sometimes it seems to us that we can control life or predict everything. However, this is a huge mistake, because life has its own rhythm and, therefore, its surprises. Sometimes we can give up control a little and try to trust life. “Don’t miss the main picture: Life is full of surprises”


Today, someone may try to lure you into a discussion and act so provocatively that it will be difficult for you to explain your thoughts. Don’t even try to do it, dear Sagittarius, because the other person will not argue to understand you, he will argue just to argue. There is no way you can explain to him or convince him, so do not reproach yourself for nothing.

Uplife recommendation: Arguing is sometimes necessary for better communication, and sometimes it just hurts the relationship. Today let’s look at ways to end disputes together… “According to scientists, the most effective way to end disputes”


There is someone around you whom you consider difficult and incompatible, because of these thoughts you stay as far away from this person as possible. But sometimes these people can be people you love when you get to know them. Give this man a chance, dear Capricorn.

Uplife recommendation: When we meet someone, we make a lot of judgments in the first five minutes; While some of them are true, some of them are also false. Because of these prejudices, we sometimes lose the opportunity to get to know people we can love very much. That’s why we shouldn’t forget to give ourselves time to get to know people…”Tip of the iceberg: is it possible to know a person completely?


Even though there are very few winners, thousands of people buy lottery tickets every day, right? This is because these people have hope that they can win. Today, if you find yourself in a situation where you thought you had no chance, remember these people and try to feel the hope they had. This hope can open the door of great opportunity for you.

Uplife recommendation: Hope allows us to move forward even in the most difficult times, because through hope we discover our inner strength and find the motivation we need to move forward. Today we have some suggestions that can increase your ability to hope. “The concept of hope in psychology: 5 tips to increase motivation and hope”


Your mental fatigue is also reflected in your body today. Maybe you just want to lie in bed and stand under the covers… As tempting as it may be, resist this urge and force yourself to go outside, meet your loved ones, or take a pleasant walk. It will be very good for you to move and change …

Uplife recommendation: In life’s ups and downs, there is a place for every emotion, and so it’s very natural and very human to feel bad from time to time. However, there are things we can do to make ourselves feel better in times like these…”Good Life Advice That Supports Mental and Mental Health”

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