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Daily horoscope: December 5, 2022



Dear coaches, you are fighting so hard to solve the problem. It’s like you let it leak, it’s a topic that will resolve itself, but you seem to be succumbing to your greed. Could you let things take their course today?

Uplife recommendation: Is it worth worrying about things we can’t change when we can live in harmony with the flow of life? “3 inspiring ways to keep life running its course”


You are interested in what others think of you. It’s like you’ve started living your life according to the opinions of others. No matter what anyone says, dear Taurus, this life is yours and your right to live it the way you want.

Uplife recommendation: We want to be accepted, loved and approved, and these are quite natural desires … So should we live in accordance with other people’s ideas and decisions for this reason alone? “When should we listen and not listen to what other people are saying?”


Dear Gemini, you are a little nervous these days and that tension is reflected around you. Judging by the joke made today, she will make you very angry. However, you know there is no malice behind this joke, but you may have reached the limit… These days you need to relax a bit and de-escalate.

Uplife recommendation: Nervousness can be defined as excessive anxiety about the outcome of a situation, and the last straws are often very small. “9 Ways to Deal with Stress”


Dear Cancers, perhaps these days you are stuck at home and think that you are not enjoying life. You have been isolated when you want to be alone. It’s time to mingle with life, not to miss it, and big surprises await you there!

Uplife recommendation: We come into this life only once, how about enjoying it to the fullest? “10 Common Characteristics of People Who Enjoy Life”


Dear Leos, there is an ongoing dispute between you and your partner and you cannot reach an agreement. Can’t you hear what your partner is saying as he tries to prove himself right? You must listen and understand each other. After that, everything will be decided by itself.

Uplife recommendation: Problems are obstacles to overcome, and while they are easy to let go, the truth is that it is how you get through difficult times together that will make your relationship strong. “Romantic Communication Tips: 8 Ways to ‘Communicate Without Pressure’ with Your Partner”


Dear Virgos, you are at a time when you are trying to rediscover who you are. You seek to find your true self, not to impress others. This inner journey will force you to reconsider your passions, aspirations and goals.

Uplife recommendation: The path to knowing yourself is through the right questions you ask yourself and the answers you give to those questions. “Who are you: 18 questions that will help you get to know yourself better”


Dear Libra, you are trying to be kind and fair to everyone, but these days someone is pushing your boundaries. You are patient, but you are about to explode. By setting healthy boundaries, you need to show the other person where to stop.

Uplife recommendation: Creating personal boundaries is vital to our personal development, establishing healthy relationships, and maintaining those relationships in a healthy way. “Boundaries: Why is it important to set boundaries in interpersonal relationships?”


Dear Scorpios, today you may enjoy developing your intellectual side. A day when you want to learn something new, read more and explore. You are tired of the monotony, and it will be useful for you to start something new.

Uplife recommendation: Openness to new experiences and ideas in all areas of life and the adoption of a philosophy of lifelong learning… That’s intellectual well-being! “Tips to Help You Boost Your Intellectual Health”


Dear Sagittarius, you love being independent and standing on your own feet, but you don’t have to carry all the burdens alone. Feel free to ask for help. Sharing the burden you carry will help you both lighten up and find someone who really wants to help you.

Uplife recommendation: While most people are willing to help others, they avoid asking for help when they need it. Research shows that the most common reason for this is the fear of being seen as inadequate. “Why You Shouldn’t Ask for Help: Tips on How to Easier Ask for Help”


Dear Capricorns, you’ve been doing so much for others lately that you don’t even think about what it’s doing for yourself. You ignore your own desires and needs. This can cause you to soon feel exhausted. Take time for yourself and your desires today. It’s time to treat yourself!

Uplife recommendation: Even on the days when you say, “I don’t have time,” you can make time for yourself. Here are some tips: “The art of finding time for yourself: your time.”


Is there someone around you that you constantly criticize these days? You may think you understand, but the other side does not. Instead of constantly criticizing the other person, they will understand you better when you openly express your feelings.

Uplife recommendation: Unexpressed emotions manifest themselves in different ways. We need to recognize and express our emotions both for our personal well-being and for establishing a healthy relationship with our environment. “The Importance of Recognizing and Expressing Emotions”


There are people around you who gossip and you started to feel uncomfortable in this situation. You don’t like to gossip, especially in an office environment. You can interfere with what is said about someone who is not present at the moment.

Uplife recommendation: What would the world be like if we told people about our feelings and thoughts instead of gossiping? How to deal with workplace gossip?

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