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“Creating a New Route”: Reasons to Explore Montenegro


A place where nature is extremely generous, contains all shades of blue and green, opens up huge embraces with its culture and history and leaves a mark on the palate with its aromas… Yes; The country with the warmest atmosphere in the Balkans: Montenegro! Montenegro, one of the most famous holiday destinations of recent times, impresses with its unique experiences and invites everyone who wants to accumulate unforgettable memories…

Inspired by its unique beaches, hills that saturate the landscape, scents that accompany the sunset, and a fun lifestyle, it manages to become an inevitable route for an unforgettable vacation. If you have not been to this beautiful country yet, we have collected details that will immediately set you on your way, and if you have already been, then why you should go again. If you’re ready, let’s go. Here are 5+1 reasons to go to Montenegro:

Geographic advantage: visa-free, economical and easy access

Montenegro, especially from our country one of the most popular destinations Undoubtedly the biggest feature proximity. With a flight of about 1.5 hours, you can fly in without even realizing that you have changed the country. The biggest advantage of Montenegro is that it is visa-free.! You come for a plane ticket and get on it without having to face long and troublesome visa procedures… Is not that great?

Although being around and not asking for a visa are the two most important criteria, MontenegroAnother reason why . be budget. Finally, let’s admit; We all want to accumulate pleasant vacation moments, eat and drink well, see and visit as many places as possible, so it is important to choose a budget destination in order to do all this. Fortunately, Montenegro manages to maintain its status as an excellent route in this respect!

Sea holidays: charming beaches where green and blue meet

If you want to plan a vacation, especially during the summer and even during warm weather like late spring or early fall, your priority is probably yourself. go to the freshness of azure waters… You are so right! Because jumping from hot sands into cool waters, feeling the breeze from the sea, dreaming with the smell of seaweed can be the dictionary meaning of a holiday…

Montenegro, the pearl of the BalkansWith its 294 kilometers of coastline, it offers endless charm. Here is the longest beach on the Adriatic. This beautiful place, which is one of the best places in the world, captivates you with its blue and green landscapes and can lead you to whole new dreams in its cool waters. Montenegro, which is a wonderful place for outdoor recreation with its beautiful bays, offers an unforgettable holiday on the coast surrounded by olive groves. Whether…or Be it Kotor or Budva, on the island of Stevi Nikola You can discover the most popular beaches and collect memories mixed with sea salt. Sveti Stefan beach, Mogren beach or Ulcinj beach There may be beaches that will steal your heart! If you are interested in water sports Jazz Beach’You can also try.

Rich Cuisine: Tastes That Don’t Erased From the Sky

Giving meaning to taste likes to try different flavors And if you are a lover of gastronomic tastes, Montenegro should be on your list of must-see places. Because the food is amazing! It offers a delightful culinary experience from local flavors to flavors that challenge global cuisine. Combination of Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine From cheese to olives, from meat to seafood, Karadag offers a wide range of products grown on its own land.

From Montenegro, the famous berek (burek) of the Balkans, reminiscent of our berek.evasionfrom famous kebabs’defendantout, goulash and ‘aroundDon’t leave without food. In addition, it can be made from different fruits, like our brandy.rakiaYou can also try local wines made from grapes from the vineyards of Turkey and its famous vineyards. famous restaurants Konoba Katowice MliniYou can also taste seafood, Mudra Art of the KitchenAlso gourmet cuisine experience or Konoba Roma’You can also have a barbecue party!

Iconic atmosphere: impressive historical and cultural richness

recent struggle for independencehome of many civilizations, influence of different cultures narrow streets, stone houses, cities with historytwo thousand-year-old fortress walls, settlements built on the slopes of a mountain and much more…

From the ruins of Ottoman baths to the walls of what was once a Greek colony, from medieval monasteries to centuries-old city walls, home to the most important archaeological sites in the Balkans, Montenegro is definitely worth seeing both today and in the history it has. is in the past. Its unique atmosphere, where you will dive into different lands on every street, and where you will suddenly feel like you are in a utopia among the dusty pages of history, will connect you with yourself.

Endless fun: dazzling festivals, extreme sports and more

If there is such a rich country in all respects, it will not lack entertainment! From rafting to kiting, from mountain climbing to zipline where to go for extreme sports From spectacular canyons to hiking trails where you can challenge yourself, you can find plenty of options together and add more excitement to your vacation.

On the other side to famous festivals You can join, increase the dose of entertainment from open-air concerts to theater and dance performances, from tasting master classes to shows by famous DJs. The famous theater festival that lasts all summer PurgatoryIt covers music, painting, architecture, in short, all branches of art, which continues throughout July-August. Kotor Art’You can give him a chance. In addition to the activities held during the summer months, you can also find fun activities such as car racing in the snow during the winter months. Stormy entertainment life in MontenegroYou can leave it!

Bonus: the ability to fly with Pegasus!

Good news for those who want to immediately go to Montenegro: Pegasus flights to Montenegro are starting! Pegasus Airlinesoffers flights from Istanbul to the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica. Pegasus Flights Sabiha Gokcen – Podgorica; It is carried out from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Podgorica Airport at 11:10 on Mondays, at 11:30 on Wednesdays, at 11:45 on Fridays and at 11:50 on Sundays. Flights from Podgorica Airport to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport can be found at 12:50 on Mondays, at 13:10 on Wednesdays, at 13:25 on Fridays and at 13:30 on Sundays.

“It is not the destination that matters, but the journey itself.!” If you say so, your new Pegasus route. You can spread your wings towards Montenegro. Happy travels already!

*This article was prepared with contributions from Pegasus.

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