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As the New Year approaches, the most exciting and colorful time of the year, does it fill you with lively enthusiasm? As cities begin to be adorned with colorful lights and perhaps the first snowflakes touch our skin, most of us begin to feel the hopeful spirit of the new year. We want to take all the good memories with us into the new year and leave our sorrows in the old year. We are preparing to welcome the New Year with new goals, fresh dreams and a completely different outlook. So, let’s explore together the cities and the most popular New Year’s markets that are celebrated all over the world, keep the Christmas spirit for days and months, be able to warm our hearts despite the harsh winter conditions, cold and snowy weather. .

Elaborately decorated pine trees, red candy canes, multi-colored decorative lighting, gingerbread and cinnamon cookies accompanied by the scent of hot chocolate, each one a piece of art in its own right… Although most of them have not taken place in past years due to the effects of the pandemic, New Year’s fairs, the opening of which is expected this year, are the most visited places in the cities. While many of us are unable to spend New Year’s Eve in another country due to various reasons such as restrictions, economic conditions, and busy work schedules, we’ve rounded up the most popular New Year’s markets and cities that best reflect the New Year’s spirit to give an idea to those who are planning to go, and bring New Year’s enthusiasm to those who can’t go. Let’s live in the spirit of the new year together:

Notre Dame Christmas Market, Paris

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A Christmas market that fully reflects the spirit of Paris and is ready to celebrate the coming of Christmas in the best possible way: Notre Dame Christmas Market. If you want to spend a warm Christmas time with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts against the backdrop of the tall towers and bells of Notre Dame, this might be the right address. You can click on delicious food and great music shows.

Colmar: La Magie de Noel, Colmar

An experience that will warm your heart in Colmar, where you will be enchanted by New Year’s Eve with its fabulous atmosphere accompanied by the atmosphere of the Old Town: Christmas magic. From November 24 to December 29, the most popular New Year’s market in Colmar, where you can go on a long exploration with its architecture, great lighting and delicious food, will host visitors.

Aachener Weihnachtsmarkt, Aachen

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Although we are used to hearing and seeing Christmas markets in Germany’s most popular cities such as Berlin and Cologne, which began to live with Christmas enthusiasm a few months before the cold of winter, we wanted to touch on the New Year’s market in the city of Aachen. , which is famous for its almond buns. You can build miniature Aachen houses for over 25 years, offering delicious mulled wines built under spectacular lighting without disturbing its historic texture.Castel Ceramic‘ and where you can reach the peak of your excitement as you enter the new year with “ice curling”. Achener Weinachtsmarkt This year it will be held from November 18 to December 23. You can click to discover Aachen’s special Christmas market and get more details.

Altwiener Christkindlmarkt, Vienna

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One of the most opulent and popular events for a dreamy New Year’s Eve celebration in Vienna, which combines the city’s romantic atmosphere with New Year’s spirit and fun New Year’s fairs at all four corners. Altwiener Christkindlmarkt 18 It will run from November to December 23rd. You can find out what interests you at the event, which will include traditional needlework workshops, shows specially organized for children, cinnamon flavors and hot drinks, on the organization’s website.

Christmas market in Istanbul, Istanbul

As one of the cities where every season is at its best, Istanbul manages to retain its beauty in cold winter weather. It is not known whether its exquisite decorations will be covered with a white veil in the New Year, but it will definitely reflect the New Year’s mood in all its glory. December 16-25 this year Four seasons of the BosphorusIstanbul Christmas Market, which will be held in Istanbul, will feature many famous artists, various events, art workshops, as well as traditional and international cuisine. If you want to fully experience the New Year spirit in Istanbul, you can follow the event’s Instagram account and click for details on ticket sales.

Miracle Village, Istanbul

Wonder Village, which will open its doors for the first time this year, is a great alternative for those who want to feel the New Year mood in Istanbul. While taking a short visit to your childhood with carousels, Ferris wheels, ice rink and shopping stalls, you can also visit fun activities and exciting concerts. You can click on ticket sale for Wonder Village which will be held at Küçükçiftlikpark on December 21-30 and visit their Instagram accounts for details.

Advent Zagreb Christmas Market, Zagreb

Isn’t it great to celebrate a dazzling New Year in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital? It will make you relive childhood memories, fill you with joy with its warm flavors and colorful decorations, but most importantly, it will win your heart with its art workshops, handmade toys and concerts where you can enjoy music to the fullest. Zagreb Christmas MarketIt will run from November 26 to January 7. You can visit the website for detailed information.

Mercatini di Natale Naples, Naples


Italy, the land of tastes, may be the best option to celebrate the New Year with delicious feasts. Naples, the city that makes the most delicious pizza in Italy, brings the spirit of Christmas to its streets. It manages to beat the cold of winter with the warm atmosphere of the city. The New Year’s Fair will be held from November 3 to January 8. Mercatini Di Natale Naples, combines unparalleled wines with traditional Italian flavours. You can witness the breathtaking view of wooden houses in the light of lanterns, events that appeal to people of all ages, special cabaret shows, live concerts and deep-rooted history in the event area. National Museum of Pietrarsa You can click on a unique new year experience with

Christkindelsmarik, Strasbourg

source: noel.strasbourg

One of the oldest New Year’s markets in Europe, which has been captivating visitors with its magnificent decoration for almost 500 years. Christkindelsmarik, Based in Strasbourg, France. Sunday, which will be open to visitors from November 25 this year, will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Wooden houses lined up in a row, bright lights warming the foggy air, entertainment shows, gingerbread You can click for more details on the event, which combines production workshops and concerts that will dazzle your ears with French melodies.

Donegal Lapland, Lapland

Isn’t it a dream of most of us to see the Northern Lights? Or celebrate the New Year in the company of these breathtaking lights… How about meeting Santa Claus, meeting reindeer, enjoying the white snow in Finland’s dreamland, Lapland? It will run from November. Lapland market You can click for detailed information about.

Christmas market at Prague Castle Prague

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The charming city of Prague, which manages to attract tourists from all over the world for Christmas, is getting ready to celebrate the New Year this year with its stunning New Year’s fairs on every corner. The city, which revives the spirit of Christmas with the scent of pine and the rising melodies of Mozart and Vivaldi, organizes one of the most popular New Year’s markets around Prague Castle. The market, which makes you dream under bright lights, fills your gift quota with unique decorations and warms the city with dazzling candlesticks, will meet its visitors from November 23 to January 6. For detailed information, you can visit the market website.

Brussels Winter Wonders, Brussels

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What could be better than to combine the spirit of the New Year with the delicious tastes of Belgium, famous all over the world for its delicious chocolates? A magnificent New Year’s market will take place from November 25 to January 1 in Brussels, one of the most impressive cities. Brussels winter wondersmay be one of the best options for those who want to feel like in a “wonderland”. You can browse the bazaar’s website to experience the dancing atmosphere of the lights with the unique smell of chocolate and feel the spirit of Christmas to its very depths.

Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, a colorful city in Denmark that can impress at any time of the year, becomes even more colorful at Christmas. One of the most popular Christmas markets Kongen Nytorv invites you on a journey through time. Combining the smell of history with Christmas decorations, creating the most fun moments for children with Santa Claus, and captivating everyone with its unique performances, the market will be open to visitors from November 4 to December 21. The market, famous for its “Christmas Apple”, wraps the whole city in the aroma of apple pudding flavored with oranges and cloves. More information can be found on the event website.

Jules and Winterland, Oslo

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As we turn our route a little further north, we stumble across Oslo, one of Norway’s popular cities, with its warm image of white snowflakes reflecting colorful Christmas lights. Impressive Christmas market surrounded by delicious coffee aromas July and Winterlandmanages to keep a completely different spirit of Christmas. We welcome everyone who wants to feel the spirit of the New Year with special shows for children, fun carousels, chocolate wheels full of gifts. July and Winterland It can be visited from November 12 to January 1. You can click to get more details.

Holiday Market in Union Square, New York

New York: the city of dreams, where you can feel the New Year’s enthusiasm for weeks on almost all its streets. New Year’s sweets, huge street exhibitions, open-air concerts, magnificent architecture, colorful lights and much more in the very center of the city with New Year’s Eve enthusiasm. Holiday Market in Union Square It will run from November 17 to December 24. You can click for details.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London

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Music, games, dance, food, entertainment, history, culture – all in one. London’s most gorgeous New Year’s Eve event that almost feels like a visual feast. Hyde Park Winter Wonderlandmanages to keep the spirit of Christmas even with a single photo. Located in the center of London and offering every entertainment imaginable. winter fairy talereminiscent of a fairy tale with a happy ending, adapted to real life. New Year’s market, which greets its visitors with lights that are reflected almost throughout the city. winter fairy taleIt will be open from 18 November to 2 January.

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