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Chronic state of boredom: what is boredom?


A modern person is faced with dozens of different problems that seriously affect his daily life and with which he does not quite understand “what is”. These problems, which we often face and which significantly reduce the quality of our life, and cannot understand what they are and why, do not leave us for life. Boredom is one of these phenomena, which is mysterious, like behind a smokescreen, and which is always with us.

Although many people are not familiar with the name of this mysterious phenomenon, they are well aware of what it is, or rather, what it looks like! Boredom is the general name for the state of deep boredom and chronic boredom, when a person does not enjoy anything, does not want to do anything. However, this definition is not enough to fully answer the question of what boredom is. In order to find the answer to the question of how boredom passes, it is necessary to approach this phenomenon in a much more complex way. Nevertheless, let’s look together for answers to what boredom is, a state of chronic boredom that puts meaninglessness at the center of the lives of millions of people.

Ennui, an English word of French origin, literally means boredom in our language.

But what is described by the phenomenon of boredom is, of course, not ordinary or temporary boredom. For this reason, in order to understand what a phenomenon really is, it is useful to go down to the origins of the word and concept.

Boredom was only a sign of boredom in a certain sense for the artists of 18th century Europe.

As a result, this was a very common phenomenon, especially among the intelligentsia and artists of Europe! In a way, it was seen as the epitome of being aware of some social and existential facts and facts and not being able to accept those facts and facts.

European intellectuals believed that only people in deep ignorance could lead a happy life free from boredom or chronic boredom.


However, it was believed that those who fell into the grip of the phenomenon of boredom were “bored” but precious people who were concerned about life, society, art and philosophy, and therefore they fell into the swamp of misfortune.

We can say that the concept carries its historical significance in our days. Boredom is a very dangerous phenomenon that draws millions of people into unhappiness and despair and makes life meaningless.

The combination of unhappiness, apathy, physical and mental fatigue, dissatisfaction with nothing and chronic boredom are some of the most striking answers to the question “What is boredom?”


However, the areas where the phenomenon occurs can also vary. It can affect the whole life of some people. In some cases, a person may no longer be interested in only some specific areas, such as his profession or occupation, which previously seemed interesting and enjoyable to him.

In other words, boredom causes the idea that life in some cases is completely meaningless, while in others it indicates a state of intimidation and boredom in a certain area.

What is the difference between longing and boredom?


First, boredom as we know it; It refers to a short term process that occurs due to environmental factors and instantaneous events or situations.

Boredom, on the other hand, is defined as a chronic process that covers all areas of life, causing doubt in almost all actions and goals in life.

How to understand that the boredom you experience is at a much more dangerous level than you think, in other words, are you under the influence of boredom?

The ability to answer this question in a healthy way is more important than you might think. Because boredom and intimidation are phenomena that almost everyone often encounters and experiences personally. So, how do you know if you are under the influence of boredom? Fortunately, this dangerous phenomenon can be distinguished from ordinary boredom. But first you need to answer a few questions.

What are the symptoms of boredom?


If the number of important events in your life decreases day by day, or if you have not had significant events for a long time, you are in danger of boredom. Of course, there are other manifestations of this dangerous phenomenon:

  • If you have lost interest in things you used to enjoy
  • If you’re not at all excited
  • If you feel that what you are doing, what you are dealing with, or life in general, does not make sense.
  • If you are “completely” free from worrying about the future
  • If you feel constantly tired and exhausted physically and mentally

You have very good reason to believe that you are under the influence of this dangerous phenomenon.

How is Ennui doing?


Yes, boredom is a mysterious and rather dangerous phenomenon that completely affects life, depriving it of meaning. However, fortunately, there are some things you can do to get rid of the boredom effect:

Think about what is bothering you; so you can get to the root of the problem and take action to fix it.

talk to people; It can be helpful to talk to the people around you to understand why you are chronically bored. Plus, just “talking” will make you feel better.

Change your routines; because the monotonous life is one of the basic elements of boredom. Changing your work environment or the ways you use it every day can be an effective start to breaking the monotony.

Try new things; “New” is one of the most effective means of getting rid of boredom and boredom in a broader perspective. Take up new hobbies, meet new people, and get in the habit of saying yes instead of no, at least until you get over the boredom.

Do what you have to do, exciting; Set new rules for yourself while you are busy with your daily and boring chores like cleaning the house. Turn boring everyday life into exciting games.

Keep a diary; In this way, you will be able to think in more detail about seemingly insignificant details in your life and realize what place seemingly insignificant events or phenomena actually occupy in your life.

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