Children will get enough of the theater at AKM during the semester holidays


While the semester holidays are in full swing, how about a few days full of art for the kids to have a good time and increase their cultural baggage? Atatürk Cultural Center, which offers a variety of activities that both entertain and promote them, is preparing to offer wonderful experiences with pleasant theater performances throughout the semester. From “The Clown Who Lost His Nose” to “Little Red Riding Hood”, from “The Frog Prince” to “The Red Shoes”, here are the plays kids will love and not to miss during the semester break:

Children’s laughter will rise from AKM in the game The Clown Who Lost His Nose

The clown who lost his nose, brought to the stage by the Uighur theater, will meet with the children in the hall of the AKM theater on Thursday, January 26, at 16.00. The game, which tells the story of a circus clown, asks children, “Do you want to be a lonely, miserable little king who doesn’t even have a friend to play with, or a clown who brings people happiness?” and likes to share with them? It presents a fascinating story based on a question.

“Red Shoes” by Danish fairy tale master Hans Christian Andersen at AKM

The performance based on the fairy tale “The Red Shoes” by Dane Christian Andersen, one of the most successful writers of children’s literature and considered one of the greatest masters with his unique storytelling method, will be staged on Friday, January 27, at 16:00. Theater Hall AKM. The performance, in which Karen’s passion for dancing, a poor maid, will be played with poetic expressiveness, will evoke completely new emotions in children.

A warm story conveying the importance of friendship, brotherhood and success: Under the Rainbow

“Under the Rainbow”, which will meet with young AKM visitors on Sunday, January 29 at 14:00, teaches children about the importance of ambition, friendship, community and honesty through a delightful story and gives children a whole new perspective. The ballerina Narin, the clown Pacho, the magician Madrabaz and the musician Chopin, who go to a play at the Gokkushagi Theater together every evening, envy each other and want to become the most famous theater artist. For this reason, they constantly play pranks on each other and make them make mistakes, which causes their performances to fail. The boss of the Rainbow Theatre, who can no longer take what happened, fires them from the theater because he wants them to understand the value of friendship.

The frog prince and his friends will give children new knowledge

“What is friendship, love, honesty? How important is being happy? Based on issues such as The Frog Prince, The Frog Prince will be staged on Sunday, January 29 at 2:00 pm at the AKM Theatre. The frog prince and his friends will find answers to their questions together with the children.

Funniest rhyme development method: Mey and Pom ‘Rhymes’

On January 30 at 14:00 at the AKM Theater Hall, the Atatürk Cultural Center will present children with an exciting activity to develop nursery rhyme skills with the animated characters Mei and Pom. With Mey and Pom ‘Rhyming Songs’, kids will experience a sense of accomplishment and their self-confidence will increase as they try to get the rhymes right.

The snowman who wants to meet the sun with the themes of love, friendship and exchange is in AKM.

The snowman who wants to meet the sun, signed by Matei Vishnets, who is one of the most stage writers in Romania and has received wide recognition for his French works, will meet with small theatergoers on Wednesday, February 1, at 13:00 in the AKM theater hall. . With the advent of spring, the bigfoot born this year begins to slowly melt. After learning that the sun melts when the air heats up, the snowman, with the help of his animal friends, decides to meet the sun before it turns into water and ask him for help. When he meets the sun, he thinks more about his animal friends, the buds in nature, and makes requests to them. The generous Sun will not let this caring and generous snowman die; leaves a sweet spot for him in the endless cycle of nature.

Little Red Riding Hood teaches kids new lessons with a brand new story

Little Red Riding Hood, one of the most famous and beloved fairy tales in the world, will be staged in the hall of the AKM Theater on February 1 and 3 at 14.00 in a new version adapted by the Uighur Theater. Two brothers, Doga and Ryuzgar, are guests at their grandmother’s house. They go to their rooms to sleep at night, but neither of them can sleep. Bored, Ryuzgar asks Doga to tell the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Although nature is not very willing at first, she begins to tell a fairy tale. As the story progresses, the objects in the room and the clothes in the closet spark their imagination. Thus, the fairy tale and reality merge together, and the two brothers begin to look for their way through the dark forest.

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Happy holiday guys!

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