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“If we want to change something, we can do it only by raising our Being. The fate and economy of a person is a reflection of his Formation and vision. The person whose vision expands, the richer his own reality.

School of the Gods, a powerful guide in the field of personal development (Prof. Stefano D’Anna) This paragraph, which I quoted from his book, explains very well that our state shapes our life: first “Being”, then “Doing”!

What have you believed so far? Maybe when he goes to school, when you have this job, when you find this person, you will be happy. However, after you have done something and succeeded, the state of being will change; In other words, you can believe that you will become happier, calmer, and richer, and build your life accordingly.

What if I told you that life flows in reverse?
“Oh, don’t be silly!” you think?
Let’s go through some examples…

When you were in school, you couldn’t answer questions about subjects you knew because you were flustered in an exam and doubted what you knew; a person who knows less than you, but doesn’t mind getting high marks from you…

Even though you are stressed out about the fact that you are going to give a presentation at work and do less than during the presentation; compliments from colleagues when you feel confident and demonstrate it in the hall …

When you constantly worry about your debts, in return for which money never comes; As he is grateful for the abundance in his life and believes he can meet his needs, a flood of surprises…

When you focus on the imperfections of your body, even if you are wearing the prettiest outfit, you get compliments when you wear casual clothes that make you feel good without anyone noticing…

Despite the delay in the news you were looking forward to; Arriving ahead of time when you believe they will let you know anyway…

Although you are self-sufficient and valuable, you cannot live the relationships you want if you do not trust yourself; Are you surprised that a person you don’t like finds this diamond-like woman/man…

If we look at all these and similar situations, we find their common features; these people trust themselves in this area, they believe they deserve it, and as a result, they live it. However, as you adapt to what you want to become, you begin to live physically. Because like attracts like. You are attracting into your life resources like the state of becoming. So, after you “be”, you start to “do”!

If you want to harmonize the state of being in 2023 with your desires, there is a pleasant and effective method for this: preparing a Wish Board!

2023 Visualization board workshop

V in English, which is used by many athletes and famous people around the world.ion board visualization board; It is a method of translating one’s goals, dreams and desires into their minds through various visual means. It is much more than just making a list of goals, and when used regularly, it puts dreams into the subconscious through the visualization technique. In this way, you begin to attract the resources you need to achieve your dream.

See you on Zoom from 11:00 to 14:00 on Sunday, December 18!

First we talk about the theoretical part, and then we prepare our visualization boards with cardboard, colored pencils and visual materials!

Vision Board 2023 Seminar Program:

  • What is a visualization board, how does it work?
  • How is the visualization board prepared?
  • Breathing and meditation to clear our mind and our vision
  • Time to create our visualization boards
  • Tips for Using the Visualization Board
  • Group exchange and closure

1 SESSION OF CARE COACHING FOR 3 people from among the participants of the seminar as a GIFT!

A 1-hour mindfulness training is a GIFT for those who complete the visualization board according to the conditions at the end of the workshop, where we can discuss the details of their vision!

So that we can enter your dreams together in 2023!

Contact me for more information and to sign up for a workshop:

Instagram: momentbiziebel

Email address: [email protected]

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