Celebrate the New Year with Dincer Güner on Metaverse


In the world we live in, fear is constantly pumped into us. We are thinking about the future. What will happen in 2023? Will he look for last year? Will we be enlightened? Will the crisis deepen? Astrology sometimes feels good and feels in control. The feeling that we can foresee things calms our anxiety. Especially when someone like Dincher Güner does it.

At the Metaverse New Year’s Eve Party, now in its third year this year, everyone’s favorite astrologer Dinçer Güner will share his predictions of what will happen in 2023. You will make yourself an avatar at the event, which starts at 20:00 on December 29, 2022. This avatar will dance and have fun with the DJ. You will communicate with names that can change your life. You will be able to use private dance and networking rooms. By the way, 2 people will receive a New Year’s consultation from Dincher Guner on somgeldi.com.

Participation in this extraordinary astro-metaverse party, open to both individuals and organizations, is limited. You can click on the website www.vemparty.com for tickets.

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