Can you stand up for yourself, even if your faith in yourself stands the test?


At the end of the darkest days, one day you walk out of these cluttered halls that you can’t find the pieces of yourself holding onto something.
And clinging to the feeling of the one whose name is engraved on the smallest piece.
It is as if all darkness, as if all evil has come to you so that you can enter into your smallest particle, into the core of your own cell, and see the only truth of life, the only “reality” that you serve.
It is such a complete love that you are saddened by past suffering. Those who leave will keep an eye on them in case your gratitude for their services wanes.
You can even be grateful for the existence and deeds of those who dig a ditch in front of you, ghouls in your dreams and blindfold their intentions. You look with compassion on those who work invisible black magic, on those whose hearts have turned to pitch.
Because through them you gain your own strength and the true “absolute root”.
The one that will not change no matter what, the one that cannot be separated no matter what.
You will find what you call “he”.

And in all the interrogations you see yourself again, where your mind slipped, where you are about to give up and where you continue to talk, no matter what happens. darkness, holding tightly to their hands and saying “mine.”
The one who came out of his own test by himself!

This system calls into question your faith. Faith in yourself, faith in existence.
I’m not talking about fixed beliefs; I’m talking about the “absolute” that drips into your heart as you weave into your life the golden threads that you draw from your core.
The one that does not need to be believed, the one that is looked at ..

It challenges your faith, because no matter what, if you can stand up for yourself, in your own words, if you’re sure, on the way you’re going, on the direction of your ministry; The point of “emptiness” from “emptiness” welcomes “those who have come from afar”, who have absorbed the magic of all universes.
The end of the travel chest – from the place where “starting point” is written on it …

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