Can you skip a step on your journey of transformation?


Have you ever wondered how many of your dreams have come true? Thought communities, which we define as dreams, are abstract thoughts about the past or future in the human mind, desired to be realized or thought over and over again, even if they are realized, a situation that makes a person happy. A person can create and reflect on many ideas about their personal, social or career life in the fantasy world. Thinking itself is a human activity. It is unlikely that everything in the stream of thought will become a reality. However, the possibility of fulfilling a dream is in one’s own hands.

Imagination and reality, which we can define with the help of abstract and concrete reality, can drive people to despair in cases where the individual perception of time is close. In other words, a person who is impatient and fluid about the processes of his life may want to restrain himself from these thoughts, thinking that the thoughts he has created in his mind are not coming true. However, we may not know at what stage our dreams will come and find us. In this universe where we create the awareness that everything is in balance, we can say that patience and being able to realize our dreams are parallel. Patience is the most important step in realizing our abstract thoughts. If we think of our dreams as a lock in our mind, waiting to be realized, then the key is patience. Because during patience, we go step by step, just like steps, about what we want, we get a little closer to it. Just as we think, write, and draw in order for our ideas to mature, we must also allow them to mature at the stage of making our dreams come true.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that focusing on a thought more than usual, and an obsessive attachment to it, can psychologically and physiologically tire a person. This situation actually forces the person to step back from the “moment” and focus on the past or the future. This is not what we want in terms of human psychological health. Also, although this is a situation in which everyone expects dreams to come true, it may turn out that everything that is in the mind cannot turn into reality. Too much attachment to any thought at this stage can be frustrating. At this point, we can comfort ourselves by reminding ourselves that there are positive and negative thoughts that are constantly running through our minds, and that not all of them can turn into reality, as in our mind.

In fact, what we bring into ourselves on this journey of transformation is more valuable than the fact that the dreams that were created become reality in the same way. Each step in this journey is unique, each step has its own characteristics. Mindfulness, patience, personal development, turning to yourself, seeing needs, generating new ideas, perseverance… I wish you the day when you are at least one step closer to your dream…

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