Tuesday, October 3

Can you gracefully rise after a fall?


The city is so fast and there is so much going on at the same time that we are at a loss as to where to get it!

In this world where everything is so fast and tiring, we wander around pretending to be cute and crying behind closed doors (I’ve done this many times)

However, when everything falls apart, strength is not in defying the harshness of life! I know, unfortunately, everything that is happening in our personal lives and on the agenda of the country lately creates a feeling that we should be like that!

So many things are happening that we start to get up and fight.

When “power” is mentioned, we may think of an image of an invincible person who defies everything. Thinking that real strength comes from effort, we can push and pull paths, relationships, jobs… Even on a yoga mat. You cannot do a yoga pose with effort. It’s just done, you guessed it.

As I have seen, real strength is directly proportional to the intention to soften in the face of the harshness of life. And it’s not easy! I think it’s the most advanced practice to be elegant when life hits you with its harsh waves!

Not to be stubborn with hardness, but to be open to softening… The intention to distinguish between what we have and what we don’t have, instead of stubbornly insisting that this be the case. That’s power, that’s it…

When you receive heartbreaking news,
Going on a long and tiring journey,
When you lose someone you love
When you’re dealing with sickness
when you leave
When you get fired
When you are humiliated
When you don’t know what to do…

The ability to allow what we feel is our truest and most unshakable strength…

When we allow ourselves to feel, we become better, not stubborn!

True strength allows you to cry when you need to, run when you need to, stop when you need to, take a step back when you need to, disperse or disperse when you need to!

Real power; hidden in the intention to see what is there. The deepest; explore to see the harmony of truth in your heart with life…

And when you do not want to see it, it is a state of being able to include this state and disorganization.

The strength is not in not falling, but in whether you can rise after the fall.

We all go through different stages of life! The main thing is not to fall, friends! The main thing is to be able to gracefully get up after a fall, without looking for someone to blame …

Learning not to fall!
The strength of a leaf floating on a branch is hidden in its grace.

Question of the day; Can you gracefully rise after a fall?

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