Can you find eternal rest anywhere?


Can you imagine a world where you want nothing and strive for nothing, listen to everything that comes your way, and care about what comes before you?

I’m talking about surrender.
This is not a rejection of everything, but a look at the flow of life like glass, a fragile work of art like Murano glass, and walking between them with feline grace.
It’s like touching without fingerprints, holding soap bubbles without popping them. With this grace, this fragility, this grace…
It is an inclusion, neither black nor white.
It’s like walking between yin and yang, on a line between them. Sirat type.
Where you don’t choose, where you don’t take sides, where you don’t get involved, and where you do it consciously.

Can you imagine being able to do this?

Because this is the place where you are the spectator of all life, where you are not pulled back and forth, where you stand in the center and in the center.
Although it may seem like a thin bridge, it is here that you have infinite space and peace where creation is happening.
It is a place where everything shrinks and you grow, where you dominate like a tiny speck of dust in the middle of everything, where you become everything.
When you are here, that is, “nowhere”, everything that should be flows into you. “I needWhat you say falls unnecessarily before you.
You don’t choose, but you do!
You don’t choose with your mind, you choose with your frequency. This is passive selection, not active.
You do not choose what you have learned so far, but you build and build using what you have already learned.
When you are nowhere, under the influence of nothing, you are at the frequency of your being.
Your feet are on the ground, your head is on the throne.
And as you stretch from the earth to the sky, as your being begins to vibrate from the earth to the sky, “endless possibilities” open up before you. You see both the earth and the sky.
If you are a seer of both worlds, your state of “nowhere” becomes “inviting” to consequences.

Your feminine energy is pure and uncoded. And it becomes the universe that fructifies you.
Are you ready. You are in abundance. You are fertile.
Independent and ready.
Yes, without using your mind, yes, without using your old experience as a basis.
And without ignoring your mind and experience!
They will serve as your “tool” when they arrive.
Not when choosing.
No choice.
You are not a choice.
You just pull.
Attracting what you are to what you are.
There is nothing you can do about it, you cannot raise your instantaneous frequency. You cannot fool the universe with your simple mind games.
Maybe just yourself…

All you can do is stand “in between” everything, stay there.
Do not include, do not include.
Can you put aside your masculinity and learn when to use it?
Can you listen without thinking?
Can you just listen?
Can you look at everything that happens as a fragile work of art?
To myself, to myself…
Not trying to heal. Just watching. I look quietly and calmly.
Because when you stand right in the midst of this duality, the tumor within you that you say “heal” will come out by itself. It will flake off.
Can you watch her “no comment” debut too?
Can you calmly watch his flash?

Healing doesn’t happen when they come out, but in your “look” as they come out.
You are as “healthy” and “healing” as you can calmly observe.
What you call surrender; It is active observation, a quiet merging with intent.
The intention is to be at peace with yourself.

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