Can you afford any mood?


When we enter an emotional state, we either get lost in it or try to ignore it, thinking that the emotion does not belong to us. What is true emotion? “Echo, effect, reaction, impression that a person creates and causes in his inner world.” In other words, not accepting the situation that is happening in your inner world, or thinking that this is exactly the case, can push you away from yourself or suffocate you along with you. By allowing each emotional state, you are actually acknowledging the existence of all emotions. Of course, after the point, it is important to move forward towards a solution and not get stuck.

A part of humanity, and I, of course, sometimes cannot understand the emotional state that comes, or we get lost in the desire to understand it. Similarly, some of them do not accept the word “emotion” at all. Maybe the word anger exists for them, but they have no place for such feelings as sadness, pain, sadness. However, anger is as natural as laughter, being sad is as natural as being angry. It’s all the result of an emotional state. Even in this word emotion there seems to be a polarization, people who get angry easily are people who get upset are emotional‘ she might say. Or a person who laughs a lot can say to an angry person.You’re too nervous, you’re just nervous‘ she might say. However, they are all caused by emotional states and, looking at them, we laugh a lot, get very sad and angry as a result of emotionality and sensitivity.

We are all emotional beings. It’s just that we experience some emotional states more intensely than the balance of character and elements in the body. Here, however, we may need emotional stabilization. A person who is always sad may be surprised when he gets angry and feels that this feeling does not belong to him. Or a person who is angry or always smiling may not be able to tell when they are sad or sad for a moment. Because there are emotional states to which we are accustomed, and we leave no room for ourselves to experience another emotional state. Maybe we don’t allow ourselves other feelings when they come?

“Don’t be sad as much as you laughed, don’t be angry anymore, where did this feeling come from, it doesn’t matter.” Our mind can produce millions of sentences. At such moments, instead of listening to the mind, can we let that emotion come and go? Maybe if we didn’t squeeze ourselves so hard, we’d be able to process our emotions faster and find balance without getting lost in its depths. Or sometimes we get lost in its depths to meet another side of ourselves, other feelings.

We cannot generalize this to everyone. Some of us need to recognize our emotions, some of us need to watch our emotions. educate some of us. Because some emotional states can harm both us and the environment. In such a situation, the mood moved from a state of permissiveness to abundance.

How are emotions trained?For now, we can view this as an emotional formation. How does it harm or benefit me, should I experience it, or does the continuation confuse me? At this point, education is actually an internal balance. We continue to find balance throughout life. Some of us know it’s balanced, some of us don’t. And some of us are working on it knowing it’s not. Since everyone’s life lesson is planned differently, there are people of different skin colors and different emotional intensity. The important thing is that when there is an emotion that you cannot describe, let it come. Get to know him too. After all, it comes from your inner world. Maybe at this moment you are in pain, or vice versa, you are laughing and having fun like never before.

In this moment, stay in that emotional state without judging yourself. Just live. Then decide to harm him and keep him at home as long as he needs. And the emotion doesn’t come the first time, if that emotion hurts you, move on to the solution. Because in the heat of the emotional moment, we actually need to be in the feminine energy, that is, in the becoming. Male energy is more focused on thinking, designing and finding solutions. (knowledge orientation) is energy. Before you let yourself even feel emotion,Where did this feeling come from? Let’s decide, understand, understand and send.Trying to define it quickly prevents you from knowing yourself. Feelings need to be recognized, not defined, to look like a friend … But you should not be a friend either. If you allow your feelings, you begin to recognize them and you begin to recognize yourself. You can figure out what you want, what hurts, or what keeps you in a vicious circle, what pushes you away. In short, you must first feel, then understanding will come. No need to pinch yourself or bombard yourself with questions.

Sometimes it’s better to experience this feeling without asking yourself questions, without trying to “KNOW” every emotion. Let it pass, let it pass. Because everything is temporary. If there’s a big feeling that doesn’t go away, it’s your accumulated emotions and maybe it will explode. You cannot deal with such moments on your own, you must slowly unravel this thread with someone, perhaps through therapy. In cases of big feelings that don’t go away, he is now more than just a friend, a permanent roommate. And you have to take steps to see if it’s good for you.

In fact, all emotions remind us that we are human. A state that is trying to learn and decide makes you a robot. Pure masculine energy can tire you out, as can feminine energy. That is why the path to balance lies through the recognition of emotions. It’s not about trying to find out, but when you feel and understand yourself. This is where you will find your emotional balance. And when a feeling comes that you no longer recognize, you know the stages. This is the side that will introduce you to yourself.

We find our light by looking into our darkness. That’s when you manage to stay alone with yourself, inner peace sometimes comes through difficult situations. When he can stay and go out even in a restless state, mind; “Look, you can leave while you can. This choice is in your hands.” starts talking.

In fact, somatically, the mind should not be separated as masculine. As the reflections of feminine energy and becoming affect your entire body, you make decisions through your body and validate it in your mind. This is an inseparable whole, even if we separate them when defining nested concepts; emotions and logic, feminine and masculine energy. But in most cases we cannot achieve this unity. Since life is in rhythm, the convergence and divergence of these situations and their balancing rhythms is quite natural.

We are also natural, and all our moods are natural. So, can you afford to experience naturalness? When you get angry, come and experience it without judgment. Come and experience when you are sad. When you laugh a lot, let it flow. At that moment, maybe that feeling just wanted to come. Perhaps he was influenced by others. Or your need is something else entirely, and you have distanced yourself from your original need because of your fears.

Once you know this, it’s time to define it. And sometimes not, because you are only human, and this is as natural as garbage going into the river in a stream, like branches that get stuck, and fish swimming in the water with pleasure. So accept life, your naturalness and emotions. You’re not a foreigner, you’re not crazy at all. Is your density more or less. There are no conditions for this. You are just one of the colors of the world, just like the feelings that come…

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