Can we plant flowers in our own garden instead of criticizing each other’s garden?


How are you?

I’m trying to protect my humanity and continue my daily life with things that are snowballing! Dark, very strong friends! But I believe and I know that instead of sowing hatred, we can focus on what we can do right now. The earthquake hit our already unhealthy moods hard, and everyone is trying to do things in their own way, and I think those who don’t…

How different are oak and plane tree, cat and dog, chamomile and rose in the forest, so different are we! The mode of action that affects existence is different for all of us … Someone prefers to walk the streets, someone prefers to pray, and someone prefers to go to the earthquake zone! While some of them rush to the rescue, appearing in the digital world, some do it quietly. Who can we insult or criticize?

Or is the real question what are we actually supposed to do? Can we plant flowers in our own garden instead of criticizing each other’s garden?

I didn’t write this to write my part as a person… I opened a yoga studio with my partner in Istanbul, Fashion, during the darkest time of the pandemic, and especially in times like these, I was looking for what I could do in my studio. not forgetting the bills that must be paid at the end of the month!

GOA YOGA I would like to write down the action plan that we have adopted as a company, maybe someone will help us plant flowers in our garden or we can inspire it…

A part of the autumn from the catastrophe that occurred in our country has remained in our hearts! In order to do our best in this regard, we collected the necessary urgent needs in our studio on the first day of the earthquake and delivered them to the municipality of Kadikoy! We recently decided to assemble a hygiene pack for the earthquake area in our studio, but we learned from teams on the ground that there is still a problem of coordination in the delivery of aid, as well as in its collection!

In 10-20 years, our childrenWhat did you do during such an earthquake?We have done extensive research to answer the question “with an open heart!” We dream of a future where our hearts will flow more freely together. And we decided to support the Image Initiative Association, which is now on the battlefield and has already participated in many wars!

Website of the Image Initiative Association:

Instagram page:

We have chosen this path because the price that will be collected from the Image Initiative Association will immediately satisfy the need for the earthquake zone and allow us to follow the process! And to balance the energy, we’re opening some of our classes from March 13-30 as donations! Maybe you can do your part to make our garden bloom! Because this garden is ours…

Since the Imeche Initiative Association is very busy at the moment, it will be easier for us to follow if you write your first and last name to Goa Yoga after you make a donation to help them.

We collect donations directly to the account of the Imece Initiative association. When you come to our donation-based classes, all you have to do is show up with your receipt or your first and last name.

You can call Goa Yoga directly on 0533 685 13 73 or call me for this. [email protected] You can send an email to .

Courses we offer as a donation

Ozde Colakoglou

Monday: GOA 1 (Time: 20:00)

Thursday: GOA YIN (12:30) and GOA 2 (12:30)

Thursday, March 30: Long Yin and Mantra Joint Evening (8:00 pm) (this is the final event of our intention).

Ayse Kilynch

Tuesday: GOA 2 (12:30)

Wednesday: GOA ALL LEVELS (11:00)

Friday: GOA 2 (12:30)

Reset setting

Wednesday: GOA YIN (time: 21:30)

Friday: GOA YIN AND YANG (Time: 11:00)

Mert Toksoy

Wednesday: GOA 3 (Time: 20:00)

Berna Unlu

Thursday: GOA 1 (12:30)

At the end of March, we would like to crown this movement with an event.

The final event of our intention for the end of March

Joint evening of Long Yin and Mantra on March 30 (Time: 20:00)

Imece Initiative Association account number

Ziraat Bank / Cesme Branch

TR 0800 0100 0141 7728 4007 5003

A better world is possible together…

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