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Can we heal the world by healing ourselves?


Heal the world by healing yourself Have you ever thought that you can contribute? “By healing ourselves, we heal the world. Because the body is as healthy as its individual cells, and the world is as healthy as its individual souls.” says Mark Nepo in The Book of Awakening: The Life You Want By Being In The Life You Have. The difficulties that we face in life, the bad days that we live, sometimes by themselves, sometimes what happens to the city or country in which we live. can confuse him.

There was always a time when we all didn’t want to do anything and couldn’t be motivated to keep going. -will- however, the solution is not to give up on life and stand aside. “Be the change you want to see in the world!” says Mahatma Gandhi, and what do we want to change when things don’t go well? let’s start with ourselves indicates a need.

The key to starting a real healing process and creating a positive transformation is to start with yourself! If we want a better world, we must first achieve a better version of ourselves. People recovering for a healing world… Let’s see how we can achieve this.

Why should we start healing with ourselves?

Changing the behavior of other or external factors can be difficult, but own We can change our attitude, reaction and behavior. By starting with ourselves in the healing process, we can take control and work effectively on our emotional, mental, and physical health. There is a potential great power in each of us, start with yourselfus it discovering our inner strengths and gives you the option to use it.

When we realize the inner transformation that starts with ourselves, that is, when we take the first steps in our healing process, we become spiritually and emotionally more balanced and healthy we are approaching the situation. While this increases our inner peace and well-being, it also affects our environment. spread more positive energy provides. with a positive attitude makes our work bettermore in our relationship communicates wellothers finds the strength to support and we can turn into a “ball of love” -one that brings love wherever it jumps-. Remembering that there is nothing that love cannot heal…

When we focus on self-healing, we first begin to develop positive feelings such as love, respect, compassion, and understanding towards ourselves; Then we disperse these feelings around us. The ripple effect Let’s remember (ripple effect): A ripple effect is when an event or action propagates from its starting point and affects other people and the environment. For example, when you enter an environment with a smiling face, you realize that more people are smiling at you, and when you show a loving attitude, you begin to notice similar attitudes from people around you. In short, your own inner transformation inspires you, as well as those around you, and encourages them to initiate their own transformation. It is too social change helps to start and on a larger scale can have a positive impact on the world.

To make the world a better place, we take responsibility for self-improvement.our individual contributionwe can discover the power of inclusion. As a result, we will start with ourselves to improve the world and unlock our potential to make a greater impact on the world by focusing on our own journey with small steps.

How can we start the healing process?

Yes, we will start with ourselves, we will say “better me” for a better world… But how?

focus on yourself

Self-healing begins with investing in our personal growth and creating the best version of ourselves. This process is also an important step towards spreading peace and love in the world. It may seem impossible to meet your personal needs and adopt self-care practices, especially during difficult times, but you must not forget that you need to take care of yourself if you want to change, grow, and heal. Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, listen to the needs of your body, take the necessary supplements; Take care of your body, soul and mind.

Review your goals

What needs to be changed? Have you failed in your previous goals? What could be your new goals? Where are the mistakes, how is it better? Consider them all. If you have goals that need to be changed, change them and set them better. Focus on your expectations, make adjustments. The only constant is change itself. Don’t get stuck. Continue. The motivation you need will come when you begin to change within you, you’ll see. Just believe and act.

Amplify your positive emotions

If you want to live in a world, in a society full of love and compassion, filled with constant goodness, cultivate positive emotions in yourself. Thinking negatively, drowning in pessimistic beliefs does not help anyone. Love yourself, love people, forgive, be grateful. Increasing emotions such as positive thoughts, love, joy, and gratitude lifts our spirits and lays the foundation for inner healing. You can keep a gratitude journal, benefit from mindfulness practice, and develop good life habits like yoga and meditation.

Spread the Good in Small Habits

Do you greet the neighbor you meet every morning? Do you congratulate your colleagues enough? How often do you tell your loved ones that you love them? By continuing to work on yourself, you can continue to spread love and goodness around you. By spreading the positive emotions you have grown within yourself, you can involve others in the healing process and make the world you live in a better place.

continue to produce

Whether you’re a teacher, doctor, or writer… Whatever your profession or job, do your best. Keep producing. This way, you can support your creativity and passions, work towards your life purpose, and stay motivated, inspiring both yourself and those around you. If you take a break from work for a while, or want to take a break from work, try to make the “best” of what is in your focus. If you’re going to listen, give it credit. In short, do your best in everything you do. Production does not only mean obtaining physical products.

Healing the world may seem like a big goal, but we can actually start with small steps that each of us can take. We can make the world a better place by healing ourselves, bringing about inner transformation, and making an impact on society.

By embarking on our own inner journey of empathy, radiating positive energy, and acting with social awareness, we can discover our ability to create positive change in our environment. Let’s not forget that the little services we each do can have a big impact when combined to create social change. We must heal the world by healing ourselves!

You may be wondering: What is the “I can do anything” mentality? What benefit does this bring us?

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