Can thrilling movies cause a heart attack?


Although cinema is an extremely important branch of art, it is one of the favorite elements of entertainment for many people around the world. Films with a high dose of excitement and adventure are watched with interest by millions of people. However, these films can cause a serious health problem, especially for some moviegoers: a heart attack! A 42-year-old man who died of a heart attack while watching the recently released Avatar: The Way of Water, which the world has been eagerly awaiting, has sparked a debate about the impact of films full of excitement and action on human health to once again come to the fore. So, can thrilling movies really give viewers a heart attack? Let’s look at the details together…

Lakshmireddi Srinu, 42, from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, passed out while watching the movie Avatar: The Way of Water.

Srina, who appeared to be having a heart attack, could not be saved despite all interventions. However, about a decade ago, a Taiwanese man who watched the first Avatar movie died due to cardiac arrest… Here, an unfortunate death that occurred recently in a cinema in India made one wonder how exciting films can affect human health. So what does the science say, can thrilling movies cause heart attacks or even death?

The doctors who treated a man named Lakshmireddy Shrinu explained that Shrinu had high blood pressure, that he was overly excited while watching the film, which caused the symptoms.

So yes, albeit indirectly, the breathtaking scenes in Avatar: The Path of Water are somehow related to the death of Lakshmireddi Srinu. However, past scientific studies show that films with intense scenes can cause heart rate changes in viewers. However, according to many scientists, thrilling films are not effective enough to cause a person to have a heart attack or die.

Cardiologist Dr. Sanjeev Gera argues that the risk of a heart attack is indeed affected by the current state of people’s health.

acute cardiovascular disease

According to Hera, the main cause of heart attacks are other health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Hera says that people with these health issues may experience sudden heart problems in stressful or agitated situations.

Thrilling movies can trigger a heart attack ‘if there’s another underlying medical condition’

acute cardiovascular disease

Specialist cardiologist Dr. Pradeep Kumar said about it:People with other underlying heart problems may die suddenly from excessive stress and worry. The reason for this may be damage to the coronary arteries due to excitation or provoking a rhythm disorder.” uses expressions.

On the other hand, dr. Kumar notes that cinema is not the main culprit of heart attacks. Dr. gambling,The film itself is unlikely to lead to death.” In his words, he draws attention to the fact that the risk of a heart attack arises due to some ailments that a person has. In other words, thrilling films appear as the element that causes a heart attack only on a few unfortunate occasions.

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