Can marriage be an evil that humanity has inflicted on itself? Monogamy in the modern world


Marriage is one of the rare things that billions of people in the world can respect, whether they think about it or not. To swear to be faithful both in sickness and in health, that you will spend your life with only one person … How high it sounds! In fact, he is so integrated with us that no oneWhy are we doing this?He doesn’t even have to ask a question. Well, does this marriage really belong to human nature? Or is man a polygamous being, like many other living beings?

Our next of kin disagree with us

Examining this situation in 230 different species of primates, creatures most genetically similar to humans, scientists determined that only a quarter of them are monogamous. In other words, even the great apes, which we know as the closest species to us, cannot be called completely monogamous. But they are very much like us, both because of the physical and social bonds they make before breeding, and because that bond continues until the offspring have grown after breeding. While the male monkeys protect the female monkeys until the young are grown, the female monkeys keep the male away from the other females in the herd. The only difference is that they don’t have Hollywood that makes them have this relationship as “love”… If they had Romeo and Juliet, Kerem and Asli or even Adem and Eva, they might fall under the spell of love (!) and lived life with only one monkey…

It’s not in our nature to be a couple.

Scholars have been researching the cause of monogamy ever since the concept of marriage began to gain public attention. The results are getting more interesting every day. Confusing, especially since the fact that monogamy is observed in birds is not characteristic of mammals. Because while factors such as parenting, which led humans to evolve towards monogamy, and choosing a healthy and productive mate, are found in other mammals, they do not lead a monogamous lifestyle. It is too “we have something strangeasks a question. Actually, the answer to your question is a big YES! Because although polygamy was common among our ancestors, it has become a situation that would create havoc if it were mentioned these days. It was not enough, we sometimes called it civilization and sometimes the morality of society.

The result of social imposition

From the very beginning of social life in the history of mankind, women have always strived to reach the “upper limit of man.” I mean, she chooses the strongest, healthiest, mentally and physically capable of protecting herself and her offspring. What is really interesting is that a woman is adapted to be the second or even third wife of a high-end man, and not the only wife of a low-end man in the same society. This should be a sign that it is necessary to look back at an order that already existed thousands of years ago. Well, what has changed from yesterday to today, so that both men and women give up polygamous life and take an oath of allegiance?

There are many different factors why monogamy is so common today and is considered the norm. But monogamy, which seems so normal to us, is strictly observed in only 17% of the world’s population. This means that this vast majority that we consider to be monogamous do not actually follow the rules. In other words, polygamous families, unfaithful couples or people who refuse to marry, whom we all “condemn”, are the vast majority on the planet on which we live. At this point, social rules arise that people create with their own hands and then refuse to follow. Man created the institution of marriage and made this institution dependent on his rational and political interests. Thus, he became uncontrollable. Nowadays, some of them marry only to get married, some of them cannot control their innate impulses and cheat on their spouses, and some of them force themselves all their lives.

stay home stamp

We get married, we have children, we promise to dedicate our lives to just one person, we wear rings, we wear wedding dresses, we have big weddings, we do a mischievous bun, we put sequins on our heads… On top of that, we attribute it as great achievements in life. Why? Because ELALEM SAY WHAT!

Since man is a social being, he spends his life in social life. Thus, he obeys the rules made by society or “forced to obey“. This means that a woman who has reached the age of 30 is considered an old maid, is considered a housewife, and is away from her family and surroundings. marry marry marry He stands before us when he hears the chants. The fact that there are people around him who are getting married and that he is still not keeping up with the majority order stigmatizes him. Thus, we become people that we are not, but only forced to be.

In fact, we cannot say that someone is completely monogamous until the so-called “marriage age” has arrived. This is another moral rule. At 18, only 10 out of every 100 young people want to get married, and after 25 years, their number becomes 50-60 … Why do you think? First you are made to feel like a stake, and then the period when you will live your life with your hands up ends.

On the other hand, marriage is seen as a necessity for the existence of a family. Can’t two people love each other but be family? And they beat you from here. Suppose today we have become a little more digestible to live together without marriage, but when a child speaks, the water stops flowing. Is it possible to have a child before marriage? Childless marriage? We officially turn life into a paradox…

The thought that “everyone gets married, I should get married too”

All the people around you are married. All of them are now looking at the woman/man in their life. Changing lovers once a month, Ayse unexpectedly found the love of her life. Ahmet, who says that celibacy is a sultanate, sees no one but his wife. A person wants to be alone and be like everyone else, he has evolved to keep up with society, of course, he thinks that he is monogamous. Or “I want to get married don’t be sillyYou can say ‘. But under this sentence, it may turn out that the society you live in cannot afford to live together, your grandmother’s calls: “I saw you die before you died, my son …”, your best friend’s diamond – 5 carats… The situation may lead to the fact that a fast young man of that time will go to a nearby jeweler and look for an engagement ring that was not in Trabzon. So when you torture yourself like this, of course you might think that there is no other way but monogamy. On the other hand “I believe in love, of course I can spend my life with one person.“I can hear you talking. It’s definitely possible. You could even say that love is the only thing that makes all of humanity believe in monogamy. The bond established by love can be eternal. But what makes you think that you will have this once-in-a-lifetime feeling for one person? Not to mention, is marriage really a way to “crown” the aforementioned feelings? Can’t two lovers just enjoy love? In other words, no matter how you look at it, the institution of marriage will do itself a disservice. Whether you marry or not, you will always be subject to the rules created by the society in which you live. Even if you reject these rules, the same society will call you immoral or marginal… In this situation, it is best to live as freely as you can, no matter what anyone says!

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