Birth began where the darkness was unbearable


Actually, this article was supposed to be about Valentine’s Day, but what happened to us while life was making plans, here’s how it happened again!

Huge pain…
Our life changed in one day
Pain came, it settled in the middle of our hearts …
How can you absorb so much pain?
None of us are okay, friends! Let’s not be a little cute
Let’s not be good together
We grieve together, hugging, crying, without breaking the ties with each other!

Many years ago, such pain again fell into my personal life! I didn’t know where to put it and what to do with the pain! Desperately, frightened and hopelessly walking down the road, when I looked up, I saw a flower blooming on the step of the stairs.

The flower that revives from the place of death,
Dark Breath
The birth of death!
I said to myself
Why not?
I can try too!
I, too, can open where it is “impossible” to open!
I can open to all possibilities, with conditions!
Because the flower knew
Like the sun that makes this flower bloom
Those were cold nights that he thought would never end
The flower did not fight the cold nights!
He knew that’s where he would open it, it was dark!
The darkness was not the enemy!
Your flower didn’t want this!
Actually it was part of him
He will either challenge her and die, or he will learn to contain her, not to exclude her!
The darkness was not the enemy!
Because the birth began where there was unbearable darkness!
Birth came from the dark!

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