Bill Gates warns of the next epidemic


The Covid-19 pandemic over the past few years has had an extremely negative impact on all of humanity. Millions of people around the world have died because of the epidemic. Thanks to vaccine treatment and immunity, the effects of the epidemic seem to have lessened in recent times. However, humanity has not yet fully recovered from the epidemic. Along with this, news about new diseases with a high probability of “passing into an epidemic” arrives daily from different geographical regions of the world. The weakening of measures to combat coronavirus around the world leads to the fact that diseases such as influenza or streptococcus A are much more widespread than in the past. In other words, all of humanity has long been trying to live in the shadow of “epidemic” diseases. In this context, tech billionaire Bill Gates, whose name was the subject of much speculation during the Covid epidemic, is calling the world’s attention to a warning: prepare for the next epidemic! Let’s look at the details together…

Bill Gates, co-founder of tech giant Microsoft, has been one of the most talked about names during the pandemic.

Bill Gates, who is always at the top of the list of the richest people in the world, has found himself at the center of interesting conspiracy theories, especially since he provided financial support for the development of a coronavirus vaccine, “implanting chips in people.” There were even those around the world who accused Gates of being “the name behind the Covid-19 epidemic”…

While Bill Gates continues to be at the center of many health and technology conspiracy theories, he has come to the fore recently through his philanthropic work.

Gates is known to have invested heavily in many health, environmental, and charitable organizations and also provides technical support as well as financial support to these organizations. In short, Bill Gates has recently come to the fore with his “philanthropic” identity, in addition to his businessman identity. On the other hand, Gates keeps making wonderful statements about epidemics…

According to Bill Gates, the whole world must be prepared for a massive virus, infection or disease.

Because, according to Gates, the likelihood that humanity will face new epidemics in the future is very high. More likely that the new epidemic will be much more “destructive” than Covid-19! That’s why Gates is urging leaders to “put aside their differences and rethink their policies on the epidemic.”

According to the well-known tech billionaire, the best way to prepare for a new epidemic is to practice.

Bill Gates

Gates made an interesting suggestion:Every five years, we need to conduct comprehensive pandemic preparedness activities at both the country and regional levels and create a global body to oversee them.expresses it in his own words. Gates states that these exercises are “the best way to make sure everyone knows what to do and be prepared for new outbreaks. Because, according to the well-known billionaire, the reason for the death of millions of people during the Covid-19 epidemic was the unpreparedness of the world for the epidemic!

Bill Gates says no country is “completely successful” during an epidemic.

Bill Gates

However, he states that the country he found most successful during the epidemic was Australia. On the other hand, he seriously criticizes the US epidemiological policy. He says he blames misguided pandemic policies and former President Donald Trump, whose name is behind those policies, for the deaths of more than 1 million people in the US.

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