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Best Netflix Documentaries If you’re wondering which ones, you’re in the right place! Inspiring biographies, true stories, heartbreaking lives, inspiring discoveries… Documentaries that have managed to captivate viewers with their interesting and impressive content. We’ve rounded up some Netflix documentaries for you that we think will be helpful for anyone looking for other content to watch on Netflix and wanting to take a break from the series.

Netflix, from true crime to sports; it has a large number of documentaries on topics ranging from nature to filmmaking. Good what documentaries to watch? Best Netflix Documentaries Read on.

Ancient Apocalypse (Ancient Civilizations) (IMDb: 8.0)

Are you ready to discover the secret of the world? Journalist Graham Hancock travels the world in search of evidence of mysterious lost civilizations dating back to the last ice age. From Gunung Padang to Derinkuyu, Graham Hancock explores prehistoric civilizations and places thought to have disappeared in the documentary Ancient Civilizations.

Wild Babies (The Secret Life of Puppies) (IMDb: 7.7)

How about taking a pleasant journey into the adventurous life of baby animals that keep us warm with their cuteness? This Netflix documentary, which gives us the opportunity to get up close and personal with lions, elephants, penguins, pangolins and many other cubs learning to cope with life in the wild, consists of 8 episodes. .

Hidden Istanbul (IMDb: 5.6)

Created and presented by historian Cem Akogul, produced and narrated by art historian Hairi Fehmi Yılmaz and architect Olcay Aydemir, Hidden Istanbul is a documentary film that takes viewers on an extraordinary journey through the history and magnificent scenery of Istanbul. Get ready to enjoy the history of Zeyrek, Sultanahmet Square, Sultanahmet Arastasi, Cankurtaran, Halić Vefa and Galata in Hidden Istanbul, a 6-episode documentary streaming on Netflix.

David Attenborough: Life on Our Planet (IMDb: 8.9)

David Attenborough, whose every sentence and scene is deeply meaningful and narrated by combining his own life and wildlife, manages to create a successful understanding of nature through his experience. The documentary, which offers a wealth of information from the beauty of the wild to living species we have never known, also reveals the challenges our planet is facing.

Sea Spiriting (IMDb: 8.3)

From the makers of Cowspiracy, Seaspiracy is a chilling documentary that shows how the oceans get worse and worse as they go on. Seaspiracy, which tells how the ocean waters, which cover 70% of the earth’s surface, have been destroyed by man and need urgent protection, can change your view of the world.

My Octopus Teacher (IMDb: 8.1)

Written by successful filmmaker Craig Foster, My Octopus Teacher is a successful documentary about communication and the life cycle. While trying to heal himself from sea creatures, the director meets a female octopus on a trip to the beaches of South Africa, and a friendship develops between the two. If you haven’t watched this production that will warm your heart, save your list immediately.

Fear 13 (IMDb: 7.6)

You will witness the story of Nick Yarris, who was jailed for 20 years and sued for execution, in Fear 13, a heartbreaking yet touching documentary. This is the hopeful story of Nikin, which began with the tragic events she endured as a child, got stuck in an unresolvable mess over time, but was renewed by the healing power of love.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey (IMDb: 7.6)

There is no one who doesn’t know and love the cute doll Elmo, this entertaining documentary about the history of Elmo’s creation. If you haven’t watched this documentary about Elmo creator Kevin Clash’s inspiring Sesame Street adventure, you can add it to your list and get the inspiration you’re looking for.

What a Health (IMDb: 7.2)

Revealing the connection between diet and disease, revealing the influence of many related sectors, What is Health tells the startling facts and how they affect the health of an individual and society.

Period. End of Sentence (IMDb: 7.4)

With a short but highly effective content, “Period” won the Best Documentary Short Film award at the 91st Academy Awards. End of Offer is an inspiring film about women’s struggle for economic freedom in India. In this menstruation-biased society, women go to great lengths to make their own sanitary pads and get what they want.

Secrets of the Tomb of Saqqara (IMDb: 7.2)

This documentary is about a group of archaeologists who unearth a 4,400-year-old intact tomb and unravel extraordinary mysteries; Archaeological discovery in Egypt, shedding light on many stories with its inspiring history, pieces of the still unenlightened past, reveals the greatest mysteries of the last fifty years.

Peru: Hidden Treasure (IMDb: 6.1)

Peru, which can be viewed with a taste of a visual feast dating back 1000 years, is one of the countries with rare geographical features. You will learn a lot of unknown information about this beautiful country, full of oceans, mountains, deserts, forests where they all intersect, but also full of cultural riches.

Cooked (IMDb: 8.1)

Best Netflix Documentaries The first proposal on our list is an adaptation of a book by journalist and food expert Michael Pollan. The documentary explores the evolutionary history and transformation of food through the lens of the four elements of nature: fire, water, air and earth. And the sentence we encounter at the beginning sums up everything about this work in the clearest possible way:

“We can become real people when we learn how to cook.”

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness (IMDb: 7.5)

Best Netflix Documentaries Tiger King follows Joe Exotic, the flamboyant and very confident owner of a private big cat zoo in Oklahoma. Joe Exotic’s story includes lies, guns, a bid for U.S. President, and a murder-for-hire plot; This is a much stranger story than fiction. As a reminder, the second season of this exciting documentary, the authenticity of which you will doubt when watching, will be released in 2021.

The Last Dance (IMDb: 9.1)

You don’t have to love basketball to be captivated by this 10 part documentary series. For 10 hours, a story about Michael Jordan’s last season with the Chicago Bulls, his past life and career; He is highlighted along with the careers of famous teammates such as Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. Jordan’s story is impressive enough to inspire absolutely anyone. If you haven’t seen this wonderful documentary that proves success is not accidental, we highly recommend you watch it.

Jim and Andy (IMDb: 7.6)

Jim and Andy best Netflix documentaries One of the works that deserves to be included in the list. While filming the 1999 film Man in the Moon, beloved actor Jim Carrey decided to take on the role of comedian Andy Kaufman. And during this challenging shoot, he asked several of Kaufman’s friends to document the experience, filming it both on and off the set. However, Universal Pictures blocked the release of the footage, fearing that people would consider Carrey a “scum”. As such, Jim & Andy is the first production to have these images published, along with a candid interview with Carrey, in 2017.

While watching the documentary, you won’t believe how charming Carrey’s acting is. Which is sometimes annoying and sometimes infuriating!

Wild Wild Country (IMDb: 8.1)

The acclaimed Netflix documentary Wild Fields chronicles the life and movement of Rajneesh Bhagwan Shree Ranish, known as Osho, whose books are still among the world’s most read books. The Indian guru was a world famous person and a very powerful religious leader. However, the documentary shows something we didn’t know about him at all. But how did Osho manage to become so famous and influence millions of people?

Our Planet (IMDb: 9.3)

In the film “Our Planet”, created by the production team “Planet Earth”. best Netflix documentaries between. This eight-part nature documentary reveals the breathtaking beauty of the planet we live on. We affirm that the production, which has been completed in four long years, will give you a unique journey.

Dark Tourist (IMDb: 7.5)

Black Tourist is an eight-episode documentary series produced by New Zealand journalist David Farrier. And he takes viewers to the most unusual places in the world. Following Pablo Escabar, Tomioka after the nuclear disaster in Medellin, Fukushima, Los Angeles after the murder of the Manson family… These destinations, which are not on anyone’s travel list, will definitely impress you.

Icarus (IMDb: 7.9)

Icarus, an Oscar-winning documentary, focuses on the use of doping. The documentary’s director Brian Vogel met the Russian scientist while doing doping research on athletes, and they continue to do their research together. Icarus also reveals many details about the doping scandals at the Russian Olympics.

100 People: Vital Questions and Answers (IMDb: 5.8)

100 People is a documentary series in which 100 people from different walks of life and with different personalities are subjected to funny experiments. The documentary, which discusses different topics in each episode, focuses on the daily life of people in general. If you are looking for something to have fun and think about while watching, this production is definitely for you.

Bob Ross: Betrayal and Greed Hiding Among Happy Little Trees (IMDb: 6.9)

Best Netflix Documentaries Bob Ross, a new production by artists, tells the disturbing truth about the work of a beloved artist, especially what happened after his untimely death. Featuring interviews with Ross’ son and best friend, as well as others who knew him, the production shows how Ross accidentally became an icon. In doing so, he also shows us the man behind the canvas.

Gaga: Five Foot Two (Lady Gaga) (IMDb: 7.0)

The documentary, released in 2017, tells about the life of Lady Gaga, as you understand. If you want to watch a detailed documentary about your favorite artist, we suggest adding this production to your list. Of course, be prepared to hear and be surprised by what you have not heard before about the personal life and career of an artist.

The Great Hack (IMDb: 7.0)

The Great Hack is about the scandal between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and how the social media giant is using personal data collected from its users despite denials from Facebook. Based on interviews with investigative journalists and Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Brittany Kaiser, the documentary offers a shocking look at how data has become the most valuable resource on the planet and is used to target users.

Serpent (IMDb: 7.6)

Best Netflix Documentaries The last offering on our list is The Serpent, which also includes our national pride, Ilker Kaleli, although we can’t call it a documentary, we thought it should be included in this article because it’s about a real event. The series tells the story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj who harassed Western tourists in Southeast Asia in the 70s. Sobhraj is responsible for the murder of 20 travelers traveling to different countries. At the end of the series, where we watch the story of the capture of Sobhraj, who has a wanted warrant issued on different continents of the world, we see real photos of the criminals.

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