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As the last days of the year rapidly approach, we wanted to collect books published this year and appreciated by readers, and we have collected the best books of 2022. Whether you’re looking for something new to read or want to create an inspirational reading list, you can save all the books in our article. Here are the best of this year’s books, from interesting life stories to travel guides to help you in every area:

Think less, live long – Dr. Pia Callesen

There is no doubt that we all spend a lot of time in our minds; With our thoughts, especially negative ones, we draw ourselves into ever-increasing stress. Dr. In her book Think Less, Live Long, Pia Callesen reminds us that we need to end this situation and points out that we need to let go of negative thoughts and realize the value of being in the present moment. “You cannot solve the problem of overthinking by thinking more. You can overcome it by just thinking less.”

We work hard – Erdem Aksakal

Erdem Aksakal’s book Working Hard, which approaches today’s white-collar world from a broad perspective and perhaps reveals the cycle that every employee goes through and emphasizes that we work hard, is a guide to freedom for those who want to work again. fulfill your dreams.

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Man / School of Life – Alain De Botton

Successful author Alain De Botton’s impressive book Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person is a guide for anyone who wants to make sure they have found the “right person” before getting married. If you want to really look at relationships and get rid of illusions, this book can open your mind.

Decide, Plan, Act – Aicha Karaman

One of the authors of Uplifers, Aicha Karaman, is a bestseller that can serve as a guide for a lifetime: Decide, Plan, Act. Once you set goals, you will not be able to take the first step, and if you do, you will very soon return to where you started, and if you want to break this vicious circle, this book is for you. In this book, you can benefit from effective thinking methods for creating sustainable systems in all aspects of your life.

Money Tree – Shermin Yashar

Successful writer Shermin Yasar, who approaches making money the easy way, perhaps one of the greatest desires of our time, from a completely different perspective, tells the story of a lazy boy who does nothing and is lazy in everything and got rich “from bed” in “Money tree”. You will once again realize the importance of friendship and effort in this book where you will witness the most extraordinary story you have ever encountered.

How to decide? — Annie Duke

Are you one of those who find it difficult to make a decision? Or do you constantly doubt the correctness of your decisions? If your answers are yes, it would be helpful to heed the words of successful writer Annie Duke. Don’t miss this book, which will guide you through your decision-making process with compelling, interesting and definitely useful advice. Of course, how do you decide? If you are interested…

Love Story – Ahmet Yumit

The book of the successful writer Ahmet Umit “A Tale of Love”, which he wrote, arguing that there is no freedom without love, and in which he comprehensively approaches the nature of love, is a story about nature and creatures from Mount Kaf. to deserted deserts, from remote inns to the tents of warrior tribes, from giants to mermaids, from whales to giant snakes… a veil of imagination.

Time is not lost – Ilber Ortaily

The successful historian Ilber Ortaily, who has always been a source of inspiration and reminds us that development, growth and progress are possible for people of all ages, should be read by anyone who wants to have a good life: Time is not lost. Add this book to your must-read list to get a completely different perspective on life and learn from a vast experience.

Wonderful world Where are you? — Sally Rooney

A fascinating and mysterious novel about the life of two close friends: Wonderful world, where are you? If you think you’re alone in your existential torment, the two main characters in this novel might change your mind. Art, literature, relationships, loneliness and a future that becomes more uncertain every day… We are sure that you will feel like you are in a novel.

Mother heal me – Baris Muslu

The most talked about book by Barış Muslu “Mom, heal me” invites everyone who is ready to step into the new world. The successful author, who showed that with the help of the NeuroFormat system it is possible to find and eliminate injuries that cause many diseases, in this book he also addresses parents: Dear mothers, I want to tell you this: if your child is sick, you may be the only remedy.

Let go of everything that tires you – great psychology

You don’t have to be someone’s dream person! The highly acclaimed book Awesome Psychology, Letting Go of Everything That Tires You, describes methods for getting rid of and defending against emotional manipulation. If you want to protect yourself and take better control of your life, this book may be just the guide you need.

Things We Never Handled – Lucy’s score

Things We Never Overcame tells the story of a runaway bride who, when her life is turned upside down, finds herself in a small town she doesn’t know. Although it will take time to understand everything that is going on around this woman who is experiencing different emotions, struggling with difficulties and does not know how to cope with them, you will not understand how it all ended when you immerse yourself in a book. If you like thrilling stories, give this New York bestseller Lucy Score a chance. Moreover, the continuation of the series is expected.

Chemistry Lessons – Bonnie Garmus

Just a great work: Lessons in chemistry. You will be amazed by her intelligence as you witness the struggle of a woman who is determined to live the world on her own terms in this funny, entertaining, hilarious and exciting book.

I’m glad my mom is dead – Jennette McCurdy

“I’m Glad My Mom Is Dead” tells the story of Jennet, who started acting at the age of 6 and went through a difficult childhood due to pressure from her mother as she struggled with many health issues, from an eating disorder to anxiety, and the girls, who found herself after losing her mother.

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