Benefits of partnering with HSBC Premier while traveling the world


Are you an inquisitive traveler who deserves even a one-day vacation, waiting with your suitcases ready, plotting your next itinerary while you’re on a new road? Or the incorrigible adventurer who feels called to explore the world? If your answer is yes, you already know how important it is to travel, see different countries and discover new life and new ways of being with unique discoveries. That’s probably whyDoes he know who travels a lot or reads a lot?‘your answer to the question’I travel a lotis . Notes ‘read a lot’ If you say “your opinion”reading ‘We have very good news to bring to life: the very profitable world of HSBC Premier.

HSBC premiers know; Enjoy traveling abroad with Global Premier and Premier Miles cards. You will ask why? Let’s explain and here are the HSBC Premier perks you can enjoy anywhere in the world:

Even if the account at home does not match the market: Free withdrawals at all ATMs

This is the most important and overwhelming question of your trips abroad.How much currency should we take with us?‘ and can almost never be answered correctly. Do you do the math before you hit the road or ask your friends who have already traveled to this country before; you will never feel comfortable. As you know; The house score is out of line with the market… But with HSBC Premier, the house score is out of line with the market. Because all your cash and banking needs will no longer be a problem and youHave we received enough foreign exchange?‘ you won’t worry and lose the fun. In addition, getting to know a completely new culture, a completely different city; You don’t have to look for an exchange office street by street, as long as you can communicate with people, you will only move towards new discoveries.

With your HSBC Premier debit card, you can withdraw money from all ATMs in Turkey and abroad free of charge. What’s more, by setting your Global Premier account as your main account abroad, you can use it in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and AUD currencies without any exchange rate difference. Whether you’re on the streets of Rome or Fifth Avenue… You can securely meet your money needs from anywhere and at any time.

All your discoveries are tastier: 20% discount in restaurants on weekends

True travelers know perfectly well that the pleasure of creating a new route is priceless. Where to eat, where to go, where to shop, where are the most popular places, how is the nightlife, how to get to nearby cities, where to stay And it is very pleasant to look for answers to many other questions. That is why everything that brings travelers closer to their new routes is so valuable; especially if it happens spontaneously… What do we mean?

HSBC premiers know; Every spend with HSBC Premier Miles prepares them to check in for a new flight. While you are making new travel plans, all the expenses you make in the city also support your plans. Yes, including your 20% off weekend restaurant spending with HSBC Premier Miles… Because all your spending with an HSBC Premier Miles credit card is converted into miles; miles on new plane tickets…

For the perfect experience: 10% discount in hotels and restaurants abroad

If you have accumulated miles and you have a plane ticket, then it is almost time to fly. Now all you need to do is find out which restaurants serve delicious food in the city you are heading to and choose comfortable accommodation that will make you feel at home. But don’t worry; HSBC Premier supports you in this regard.

Before you take off on the plane, your 10% discount at international hotels and restaurants is already in your pocket with HSBC Premier. A hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower or a stay on the terrace overlooking the unique nature of Bali… The best pizzeria in Naples or a table full of delicious treats in Athens… Whichever you choose from these wonderful experiences; You can take advantage of HSBC Premier discounts.

Peace of mind for parents too: Premier benefits for the whole family

“Wood bends when it gets wet.” It can be said that the phrase applies to wanderlust as well. Your children, who travel with you from country to country, holding your hand and taking small steps through streets they never knew, may now want to freely walk those streets with their own steps. Or have already started quitting… Maybe even when you send your kids on a one-day school trip to the same city.”to be with you“, saying, “You dealt the cards, gave extra pocket money, stuffed spare clothes in the corner of your bag… But now, if there was a foreign road on the horizon, you would start to panic. There is no need to panic; Drop all your worries and leave it to someone who knows.

Undoubtedly, studying abroad is a unique opportunity, especially at a young age; so cast aside all your fears and trust HSBC Premier. Because families of HSBC Premier members can also enjoy all the benefits of Premier. HSBC Premier is there for you, providing solutions for all your education needs for you and your family abroad, with free education loan, visa application, letter of recommendation from the bank required for school registration, education plan and more. Even if you don’t hold hands, the fact that your child will be able to meet their needs with HSBC Premier anywhere in the world at any time is enough to comfort your heart. Because all family members can enjoy HSBC Premier benefits.

Keep calm and travel further: 2x miles in foreign spending

If everyone in your family took their dreams with them; “Keep calm and travel further!We say: “And we are going on a journey to thousands of natural wonders of the world waiting to be discovered, restaurants with delicious tastes, breathtaking historical artifacts, unique educational opportunities, colorful cultures and, most importantly, to ourselves…”

If you started dreaming and planning new itineraries from the first day of your trip, HSBC Premier is with you in those dreams. Because with your HSBC Premier Miles card you can earn twice as many miles as you spend abroad; You can also click to experience HSBC Premier right away.

*This article was prepared with the assistance of HSBC.

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