Being a voter in every moment of life: do we cast our vote?


We are living through the days when a new era has begun in our country. Although natural disasters and politics seem to be on stage before the curtain, behind the curtain everything is different and different and transformational movements. in question: The struggle that develops with the disharmony between the family and the individual, inside and outside of us, and the social rivalry that supports the transformation of countries, causing them to struggle with each other. Planetary transit interactions.

The basis of our dissatisfaction with how we feel in impulsive and proactive activities that have such deep and such large consequences is:stop and changeThese are the networks of communication and interaction with which we interact. Each of us is affected differently, and each of us is trying to get rid of what caused these effects. However, the meaning of our existence is not to get rid of what is, but to grow in spite of what is. Because every living being is the greatest life force that serves the common life. And this is just the view that is widespread today, which needs to be explored.

Investing in solutions like survival and hope does not improve our lives:

  • Thinking about salvation
  • with all my might to heal
  • emotional reactions,
  • regulation of behavior
  • Sharing on social media…

Every time we spend our energy in this direction, we make a choice. we give one vote for something to exist. Even when the voices are always the same, we keep experiencing things like this and salvation never comes. Because every vote we cast is given to one of two majority options: vote for the party or vote against. Innovation and voting for options that don’t yet exist seem to be disappearing. Our voices change the world. We have entered the age of social technology and technology with the imagination of innovative people. We must learn to be innovative if we are to keep ourselves from living so hard and so hard. To be innovative, one must not be a participant or an opponent.

come on let’s cast our first vote today and let’s vote for the side and not for the opposition. Then let’s sit down and look at our progress and progress.

  • World Let’s stop fighting ourselves and life, if that’s what we want.
  • World Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves and waiting for life to support us if we want it.
  • Balance If we want, let’s stop competing with ourselves and society.
  • Stop yelling, scaring, blaming and blaming, embarrassing, judging and being judged, and most importantly, being disrespectful. from the pursuit of value Let’s learn how to quit smoking.
  • In a word, do not stop being a side or an opponent and get rid of it. Let’s take action to make it happen.
  • We choose one and we always have one vote. The right to vote sets off an important electoral movement that affects our own space, our common living space, and our country.

Real voters don’t dwell on the negative, they don’t judge, they don’t judge, they don’t fight for votes, they own their votes and they vote consciously. Not to prove himself or impress anyone, he owns the only and innovative game he has heart and soul for, and he gives credit to his game. He thinks in this direction, transfers his feelings in this direction and reflects his behavior in this direction. He is not involved in politics; It does not join the opposition as an opposite, it does not cover it up as a party.

Every moment of life is a choice One cannot be a real voter without realizing:

  • He cannot see that his endless struggle is connected with his internal processes in which he uses his own game.
  • He cannot bear to vote in court because he focuses on the issues that judge him.
  • Having a tendency to see the negative of life, he loses sight of the fact that he constantly votes for the existence of the negative.
  • He votes for riots based on distrust.
  • Be willing to collect evidence from past experience and vote on that evidence.
  • Votes for unraveling and exposing the secrets of the people.

It is very important these days to be able to see that life is a constant choice and a constant voice. The transducer we’re going through It opens the doors of transformation and development from planetary influences and even progress towards prosperity and satisfaction.

The dissatisfaction and pressure of fighting caused by the votes we cast in our own elections are confusing limited thinking. Under the pressure of transformation and development from the transformative planetary effects we are going through, the doors to completion are opening. This ending is an ending of all kinds: it represents a point of transition from the old to the new, for example, the ending of thoughts, the ending of feelings, the ending of relationships, the ending of physical. Now we will either vote in an informed way, or our votes will not matter; wasted energy, wasted effort will become part of the chaos.

Now we are going through the phases of happiness or kissing.; Either we will call for peace by voting for transformation, or we will experience the latest breakthroughs and witness transformation by holding on to what we have.

We vote for what we stand for, support or oppose, and this reinforces it and presents it to us in life. As a society that is not aware of this awareness, we are suffering more and more. More and more We alone are responsible for a life that has become inseparable. Because we think that we have no other choice than the available option. However, we are like fish swimming in an ocean of endless possibilities, and all we need is to realize that there is always another option, and even that we swim in it.

When everyone can see the voices they give in their thoughts, feelings and behavior, we can see that the results are nothing but reflections of individuals before society. We can see when we are not for or against.

I suggest that those who read this article stop and observe their feelings, thoughts and behavior. I invite you to see where you are actually a voter, not vote at the polls.

The question of who is the voter is a deeper question than the question of who is the candidate. The point is to find out why our influence is so great in the society in which we live.

The only reason we have to choose between two or three sides is because we do not claim our personal rights. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to vote for 70-year-olds in a society where there are parents who are ignored because they are 70 years old.

Times have changed, generations have changed, the course of life has changed We are the ones who let the mentality of the old generation rule humanity in a social and technological age; those who do not understand that they are part of a society that does not protect their individual rights.

We can be the right voter without being for or against. We live in the age of social media and technology, so social media is a reflection of our choices. So we can start exercising our individual rights right now, reflecting what we want, not for or against those who stand out; We can first share our voices in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and effect a transformation in a genuine and meaningful campaign spirit.

The pressure of planetary transits speaks of an end and a transformation in that direction. This gives us a great opportunity in the upcoming elections. Even if you can’t do anything, stop! Stop provoking humanity with messages you are for or against. Every provocation causes the continuation of the old and the contraction of the new. I encourage those who have a heart to be honest with themselves and not provoke them. The real trick is not to share provocative posts, but to share your own existence.

I desire to be transformed together with love and respect…

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