Behavior that may seem rude from the outside is actually self-care.


I want to share some scenarios. Let’s see if this sounds familiar.

For example, someone invites you to a concert/event or for lunch… But at that moment you are out of energy, you don’t have time, maybe you really don’t have time, you need to work or you just have to stay at home, you don’t want to go you want to refuse the offer. You have crazy questions in your head: “I wonder if she’ll be mad at me?” Or someone invited you to a wedding, to a movie, to dinner, let’s say you looked at your budget and you really don’t fit. You don’t have the budget for this right now. “I won’t be able to come, I don’t have a budget.” Do you think it would be embarrassing if you said that? Your friends, family, colleagues are texting… Someone in the evening, someone on the weekend, maybe while you are sleeping… Maybe at this moment you took some time for yourself, enjoy, for example, a warm bath and care, or cook yourself delicious … You won’t answer right away. At this point, the following thoughts come to mind:Will she be angry with me for not answering?” You started a relationship, but after a while you realized that you don’t love him. I love, I feel good with you Do you want to deceive him or openly express your feelings?

All these examples intersect in a common place. It’s also called: Self treatment! Self-worth!

There are some things that may seem rude from the outside, but in reality it is self-care. For example:

1. Decline an invitation: If you don’t have time or don’t feel like it, you can decline the invitation. When you have energy or if you are interested in this activity, you will participate.

2. Tell someone if something is within your budget: Sometimes this can lead to conflict. But when you’re invited to a wedding or other event that’s outside of your financial comfort zone, it’s okay to say no. You can let them know that you appreciate them without going into debt, and you can celebrate in other ways.

3. Don’t Answer 24/7 Phone Messages: You do not need to answer phone messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if you have nothing to do or are busy at the moment. When was the last time you put your phone and yourself on do not disturb mode?

4. Be emotionally honest: It is much better to express your feelings gently and openly than to deceive and convince someone of false feelings.

I’m sure there are many more examples to add to these, these are just the ones that came to my mind first. Until we meet in the next article, hopefully you will have plenty of moments to prioritize.

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