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It is an indisputable fact that our mothers guided us in many areas of life from infancy and passed on their valuable knowledge and experience to us. From outfit combinations to delicious recipes, they obviously inspire us. It’s not only, beauty secrets They also share very generously with us. How do we all agree beauty secrets we learned from our momsIt is like a treasure passed down from generation to generation. Their wisdom and experience spans a wide spectrum, from natural beauty to skin care, from healthy nutrition to the power of makeup. Do you remember What is the most impressive beauty secret you learned from your mom, what methods did your mom use to always feel beautiful?

Cosmetologists, dermatologists, stylists/makeup artists and editors who share their knowledge and experience in the field of skin care share inspiring examples. Keep reading to discover beauty secrets for mothers, from the powerful effect of petroleum jelly to nature-inspired grooming practices. Here is the information that is the hidden treasure:

Skin, the greatest teacher

Dermatologist Kyra BarrShe says she learned from her mother that the skin is actually a teacher who talks a lot. Explaining this, her mother said: “You must remember that your skin is your biggest teacher and helper, the changes that occur in your skin give you clues about your health.” Barr says this is effective in helping her manage her own care practices and make changes in her life, such as nutrition and stress management.

Nature is the source of everything

“My mom kept kitchen waste, didn’t throw away orange peel leftovers or papaya seeds when she made orange juice in the morning, she made her own face masks and skin care products and used them instead of throwing them away.” says beautician Krupa Kestline. Having said that she has been using natural products like chickpea flour, lemon juice, yogurt and turmeric since childhood, Caestline invites everyone to practice her modest grooming rituals.

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moist skin, happy skin

While most of us know how important it is to keep skin hydrated these days, our moms and grandmas have already learned that hydration is the most important part of healthy skin… mdhairmixtress.com founder and dermatologist Rachel Cochran Collects, says that even when she was very young, her mother always kept an eye on exfoliation and dryness and gave her moisturizers. And adds: “He gives me a tube of cream, a stick of cocoa butter, or a bottle of lotion and says, ‘Rub your feet with this!’ he would say. At the time, he told me, “Your skin may not mean anything to you now, but one day you will care about how you look.” He said. And, of course, my mother was right.”

brown instead of black

Another issue that many beauty, grooming and makeup experts agree on and claim they learned from their mothers is the power of “coffee”. Yes! If you’re one of those people who doesn’t shy away from black when it comes to eyeliner and mascara, you might want to heed this thought moms. By choosing brown eyeliner and/or brown mascara, you can bring out your eye color and make the look look softer rather than hard. You definitely can try!

Less – more

Let’s face it, skin care products are popping up like crazy these days. Two-stage cleansing, serums, oils, tonics and more … But there are also old ones; Why, because according to the principle “less is more”, our mothers still have beautiful skin today. Ariel, one of the editors at Makeup.com, says her mother was always a minimalist about her beauty routine and didn’t really understand it when she was a child and she didn’t really like that approach, but when she was in her 30s, she understood how true that is. Proper skin care is possible with a few but effective products!

Vaseline, panacea

social strategist ipsy.com Sarah Perry Johnston, says that the most effective skincare secret her mother has given her over the years is Vaseline. She claims that Vaseline is a versatile product that can be used as a makeup remover or mascara base, as well as a remedy for dry hands and chapped lips, and thanks her mother for this secret.

Signature scent is a must

Do you constantly change perfume? Do you like trying different flavors? Yes, change can be fun, but a signature scent is essential if we listen to our mothers’ words. Choose the fragrance that suits you best, that defines you, like your signature, and try not to be surprised by it for at least a while. Moms need to know something!

Sleep hygiene and skin health

If you sleep without removing your makeup, you are putting your skin health at risk. The advice of many moms is quality sleep! But not just get enough sleep, but sleep with “clean skin”. If you want to prevent premature wrinkles and skin aging, prevent clogged pores and wake up in the morning with radiant skin, listen to our moms and don’t forget to wash off your makeup, no matter how sleepy your eyes are.

Bonus: red lipstick and a big smile!

Perhaps the most favorite cosmetic product of most women is red lipstick … Probably because of its influence and power! As many experts said, one of the most valuable beauty secrets of mothers and grandmothers is the additional role of red lipstick! Imagine; when you put on red lipstick to complete your makeup ‘now everything is all right’ Don’t look at yourself in the mirror…

Finally, remember that you are unique! Beauty Director Mindbodygreen Alexandra Englershe says she learned from the memories she had with her mother as a child, and the best advice when it comes to beauty and care is to “know thyself.” “Your beauty; your hair, skin, makeup is all yours, your own, don’t try to become something you’re not to fit into other people’s molds. Make your health a priority and focus on your uniqueness.”

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