Be there, see what is, and be the flow


Let me confess: for so long trying to fix everything in my life, I hesitated! Even if the decisions are big or small, I can’t even get around the decision situation every time.

I was constantly faced with the same situation, from choosing a job or a lover to making more trivial decisions! While I was trying to make the right decision, the decision time was always running out, and I always tried to console myself by saying it was good!

When we do nothing, we also kill the possibility of seed growth! Isn’t it ridiculous to say that a seed is not destined to become a tree without trying to plant the seed in the ground?

I would like to give some examples of situations of indecision and decision making in my life:

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo for as long as I can remember! I saw my posts on Instagram and Facebook where I said I was going to get this tattoo! You know what’s funny? I didn’t have the tattoos I said I found! I have 4 tattoos now and I haven’t thought about any of them for months, the decision came and I did it! I didn’t expect to be ready! Waiting for readiness is the prison of modern man, because we can never be ready for anything! Just the feeling of a jump envelops our whole soul and we jump.

The act of making a decision is directly proportional to the intention of a person to approach himself and read life.

I have always been sure that they want to participate in yoga specialization programs and then do it. Maybe I can look back and say that yoga was one of the few things I was sure of in my life!

When you are truly confident, you become the solution! All you have to do is let the decision guide you.

I used to have 5 Rastas! I have them all equipped with intentions and stretched! I think I spent 4-5 years with my rastas that I fell in love with! We went through a lot together, but the moment came when I realized that the road was over. Looking in the mirror and seeing them no longer gave confidence and joy, as before! And I remember cutting up my blue rasta and holding it in front of me and staring at it for a long time.

Then I dyed my hair blonde for the first time in my life, and I really liked it, and we went through such things together until a week ago. The same feeling began to appear when I looked in the mirror again. I realized that the road is over. My hair color is almost red now! 🙂

When the inside begins to clear up, reading the finish line is like dressing for changeable weather. You don’t try to wear summer clothes when it’s cold, do you?

You can remove everything from your life that you don’t like and start to oppress you, you can change it, if you don’t like it, can you change it again?

There is only one rule: do not try to make decisions when it is foggy, dark and hard, wait until the bad weather passes and the sun rises again …

For the viewing angle to be clear, the window must also be clear. That’s when the decision comes!

Therefore, the decision state is not an active state, but rather a passive state that occurs spontaneously. We don’t try to decide, all we do is be there, see what is, and be the flow, not let ourselves go with the flow.

In order for a rose that gracefully opens its leaves to be itself, it must have a connection with its soil and life, so that this connection manifests itself as a new solution in every season!

In fact, there is neither a decision maker nor a decision maker…

There are only those that appear to be rays of the sun, and those with which we mingle.

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