Basic Specialization Program in Yoga and Ayurveda


Yoga has been in my life for 15 years now and is my greatest method of understanding and transforming the Essence. My compass, yoga…

I think the most magical part of yoga is that it changes you in ways you never expected as you destroy yoga studios just because you thought it was physical activity and it was good. It’s just shocking that all your wounds, your fears, your need for love, which you threw under the carpet, are gently and slowly thrown onto the carpet.

Of course, when I first started this path, I was fond of “Yoga”. It was my dearest love. I couldn’t imagine life without a rug. It was very important to do yoga movements. Life contributed to the meeting with real practice at different times. My mat, life became and “existence” began to teach me the true practice. Mine was about to fall and get hurt badly. And this is where the way I perceive life changed.

“Yoga” for me right now; everything that connects my heart and my existence with Life/Existence/It…

I enjoy physical practice more than ever, but my tendency to make ends meet has changed. Listen to your heart! By taking steps on a path that is good for you, you will become closer to your yoga.

Yoga is the first gate on the path to yourself, and over time, more tools are added to the tools that you need to use on this path with dedication. (family constellation, therapy, dance, drawing). This episode is styled according to the movie of everyone’s life, but there is one thing that doesn’t change: We learn to grow by expanding. Fine; We stop being stubborn in life and practice expansion.

Yes, this movie changes when we use every technique, every tool to create our food, instead of one truth, one technique, one tool! When you take one step closer to what you truly love, instead of trying to be like someone else, it creates the miracle of life. That’s why life seems to flow when we learn to listen!

It’s not about trainers or techniques, it’s about a guide who takes the teachings to your heart. Instead of forcing your truth on you, he walks beside you to find your own truth, and when the road ends, he will be with you with his invisible hand at your back. This is the best form of leadership I know! Just as yoga is an important building block in understanding Ozde’s life, I hope to create a butterfly effect by trying to plant these building blocks in the lives of others, and I am also working towards that hope.

Over the past 3 years, I have students and teachers whom I safely went to the sea, not forgetting the path that I went through! They are all like a reflection of Ozde, their existence expands my heart so much that I cannot explain it. And believe me, in each training group I learn from them in a different plane. It’s time to meet a new group!

At the end of May we start a new journey! 5th time my dear partner GOA 200 with Gita: Yoga and Ayurveda Core Specialization ProgramWe will give.

Of course, this program is only for those who want to be a yoga instructor, but it is open to anyone who wants to work on themselves, because it begins to transform when we approach ourselves again and again through this type of training. .

200 Hour Yoga and Ayurveda Core Specialization Program with Geeta and Ozde Cholakoglu

The first semester starts at the end of May! (Program certified by the Yoga Alliance.)

Why this program?

  • Joining a committed and experienced Goa Yoga family and receiving every support,
  • Being part of a special program that offers yoga and Ayurveda together…

What is the difference between this program?

This program is based on the fact that all bodies are different, and instead of cramming anatomical information, participants learn to interpret and ask questions.

  • You start teaching from day one!
  • You are accompanied by 2 trainers from the very beginning of work in the studio.
  • You will learn the difference between different styles of yoga (vinyasa, hatha flow, hatha) and learn how to lecture, developing your personal practice at a basic and intermediate level.
  • Instead of memorizing the philosophy and history of yoga, you find ways to integrate it into your life.
  • In addition to safe touch in yoga poses, you learn Ayurvedic touch and yoga massage.
  • You learn the basic yoga postures and their dynamics for different bodies.
  • You will delve into yogic and ayurvedic meditation techniques, exploring the benefits of meditation from a scientific perspective.
  • You learn mantras, mudras.
  • You enter the magical world of Ayurveda and realize the importance of nutrition according to your body type and the five elements.

What is included in the specialization program?

  • Basic yoga poses
  • Integrating Yoga Philosophy into Daily Life as a Way of Life
  • History of Yoga
  • Introduction to the Basics of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Ayurvedic Body Types and Nutrition
  • Yogic and Ayurvedic meditation techniques
  • Anatomy 101, Functional Anatomy
  • mudra
  • Repetitive sacred sounds (mantra)
  • yoga nidra
  • Bandha and chakras
  • Prayanama / Breathing techniques
  • Touch: hand guidance/correction/meditative and deep touch
  • Shavasana Massage
  • Ayurvedic face, neck and head massage / foot massage
  • Healthy Yoga and Ayurveda Teaching Methods
  • Finding an expert language while learning
  • Proper use of music, music harmony and expert language


Goa Yoga/Istanbul–Fashion/

Program dates

May-September 2023 (9 meetings)

If you would like to become part of this family, for information and registration:

from Goa Yoga [email protected] and you can write to me on 0533 685 13 73 or directly, [email protected]You can get from .

meet and meet again

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