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Hearty and tasty take a walk after dinnerfor most of us instinctive or usually something is done. A little more than usual when we feel too full if a little if we go After dinner that we can prevent the loss of energy we feel. And there is nothing wrong with this feeling. Scientific research in recent years, walk after eating some Benefit for health revealed it. Especially food high in carbohydrates or sugar next prevent blood sugar spikes When it comes down to it walk this can be really helpful. Of course, at this point, more than one question comes to mind: How far do you need to walk to take advantage of walking? What should be our pace during the walk? How soon after lunch should we go?

Why is blood sugar balance important?

Firstly blood sugar Let’s know about. According to statistics, currently in our country number of patients with diabetes over 10 million. The numbers are also quite high worldwide. Unhealthy blood sugar levels in both men and women Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, anxiety disorders, chronic fatigue and infertility associated with diseases such as blood sugarI’m not just talking about diabetes; general health and wellness is also of interest. With all of this in mind, we can better understand that more and more people are monitoring their blood sugar levels throughout the day and making an effort to keep those levels in balance. For the same reason, smart devices that measure blood sugar and send that information to your phone are becoming more popular every day.

aforementioned blood sugar when the experts your stress AND afternoon stroll Activities such as can directly influence agree with. Most blood sugar advice also focuses on nutrition. Most of the time, you should avoid foods like fruit juices, refined carbs, cookies, crackers to avoid spikes. Also, another healthy habit that you can add to your routine is walking. Walking is also a way to minimize harm when we eat foods that raise blood sugar levels, which we can all do at some point.

How can walking after meals help stabilize blood sugar levels?

Benefits of walking after mealsThis is a topic that has been talked about for a long time. Experts say it can affect blood sugar levels. in several different ways thinks it helps. Accordingly, after eating, there is plenty of glucose in our bloodstream. During activity during walking and after eating, the energy requirement provided by glucose goes to many organs and tissues, especially muscles. Glucose consumption is higher when you are moving because your muscles require more glucose when walking than when you are sitting. Any form of exercise increases glucose uptake by the muscles, but walking is easiest after a meal when blood sugar levels are at their highest.

According to experts, a similar process occurs in your heart and other important organs. Your heart needs energy or sugar to pump blood around the body/tissues more efficiently. When you move, more glucose goes to the heart rather than stays in the bloodstream (a shunt is a hole or small channel that allows fluid to move from one part of the body to another). This, in turn, can help control blood sugar spikes and reduce the risk of insulin resistance. The requirement for glucose is high, so glucose does not need insulin to enter the cell.

However, walking is not the only thing that helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Any light to moderate physical activity (swimming, yoga, cycling, tai chi, gardening, Pilates, etc.) can also work.

Ways to get the most out of walking

Well, to maximize the benefits of walking how fast should i walk after eating? Experts say that after eating within 30 minutes He invites you to move. In addition, a 2016 study found that after 30-120 minutes that any exercise is perfect, even even after 6 hours shows a positive effect on health.

According to the same study, walking speed When, jogging May support blood sugar health. However, experts while walking fast recommends reaching a moderate aerobic pace (You should be able to continue talking but not singing while walking at a moderate pace. You can adjust your speed according to this criterion).

After dinner How much time when you need to stay on the move; A meta-analysis published in Sports Medicine in 2022 2-5 minutes even a short walk blood sugar is sufficient for a positive effect.

Research has also long don’t stay put, to blood sugar in addition to helping blood pressure too indicates that it can be lowered. Walking has also been linked to longevity in general. According to one study, only 10 minutes fast walk, your telomeres (important markers of cellular aging) up to 16 years It can make you look younger.

Is walking after a meal enough to balance blood sugar?

Especially lovers of bread, pasta, sugary or carbonated drinks may wonder: Can I eat whatever I want while I walk after dinner? Does walking reduce all or just some of the negative effects of sugar?

According to experts, walk, normal macro meal next decrease in blood sugar highly effective in lowering blood sugar levels breadth of influencetaken to the amount of sugar AND other products consumed will vary accordingly.

Therefore, if you consume a lot of sugar, for example, if you drink Coke on an empty stomach, walking after a meal may be less effective. If you were to drink Coke with a source of protein, healthy fats, or fiber, you would experience a less sudden spike in blood sugar. Because fibers; This helps blunt the glucose response as it takes longer for it to be broken down, digested and absorbed. Of course, even if you walk for a long time after eating a lot of sugar, you cannot completely eliminate the negative effects of sugar consumption. Therefore, the first condition for the balance of blood sugar is the choice of the right foods.

Finally; It should also be noted that people can have different metabolic responses to different foods. This factor can determine how your body reacts to walking after a meal.

. You can also learn how your body reacts to different foods by watching how you feel after eating. Walking after meals helps maintain blood sugar levels, especially after a meal as it raises blood sugar levels. For maximum benefit 30 minutes after eating wait at least 30 minutes at an easy or medium pacewalk and eat at every meal yeah healthy fat, protein and fiber

focus on getting.

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